PLEX for GOOD for the Australian Bushfires - the results!

We’ve published a dev blog with the round-up of the PLEX for GOOD for the Australian Bushfires campaign which concluded last month. The incredibly generous EVE Online community has raised a total of US$107,454 which will be donated to the Australian Red Cross to help those affected by these catastrophic fires.

On behalf of everyone at CCP thank you for your support and generous donations to this PLEX for GOOD!


PLEX GOOD for the China ?

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Excellent. Well done one and all



Great job.

2011 - $32,900 – United States (Hurricane Katrina)

I think it was Irene.Katrina took place in 2005.

still a great job. :slight_smile:


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You’re right, thanks! I’ve updated the blog.


how can you wrong, if you must take official information from financial department?

Gratz to everybody who helped make this another successful campaign.

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Maybe they accidentally sent it to the wrong organization… hopefully not to some political party. :thinking:

Bad timing, also China controls it’s game markets making CCP use partners in China so this would be a better fund raising opertunity for any eve universe partner in China.

It turns out that only partners help ? And the other nonhumans in this world ?

You don’t get to shut the rest of world out of your markets and spheres then expect them to help when said spheres turn to ■■■■.

Eveonline by CCP games has no foothold in China and was explicitly prohibited from entering the Chinese market. They are thus not going to fund raise for a Chinese cause.

If you do not like this fact please express your concern to a party official from the other CCP, China Communist Party.

PS. Other forms of government are avaliable.

You sure about that?


RFS, Rural Fire Service, they have been boots on the ground for months. Finally the big scorch may be coming to en end, now its being replaced by flooding, at least in the more northern parts of NSW.

Well done to all who took part, I especially like the video from the aussie firefighter on the ground, never stop fighting, on patrol even while giving thanks for the help from strangers (and possibly even in game enemies) from across the world

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Great. It might have been the most successful one if you had announced the reward in advance.

I think they always send money to Icelandic Red Cross which then distributes them accordingly.

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We’re still going strong! Good work everyone!


Just wanted to say thanks for the surprise shirts for this, I had to google to see why I got them. I am glad in game charity can work, it gives people a fun way to help out.


How about Somalia, Nigeria, Iran, Irak, Afganistan … the list is never-ending, but not a lot of ppl want to focus on these issues