Plex for Good Battleship Brawl - Saturday 19th of March at 19:00 Eve Time

The 24th of February 2022 is a day none of us will ever forget. Having endured Covid19 for the past two years, we were greeted with the sights of tanks crossing borders, thousands dead, homeless or fleeing to neighbouring countries. Why can’t wars remain virtual?

In INIT. we have a good number of Ukrainian players. A Ukrainian Corporation (Siromanci), a Ukrainian Fleet Commander (Manka), several notorious Ukrainian Discord posters whose life mission is to press “Enter” (looking at you Neth & Darth), the list goes on.

Listening to these guys discuss their current situations really hammers home the horrifying reality of what’s happening in Ukraine.

But with the worst, also comes the best. All over the globe, countries and their citizens are rallying together to give what humanitarian support they can to the Ukrainian people.

As with many horrible events in the past, we see CCP answer the call once again with their latest announcement of Plex for Good, allowing us to contribute via in-game means towards a worthy cause.

Two years ago we organised an event to help raise awareness of CCP’s Australian Bushfire Plex for Good campaign. Hundreds of players from all corners of New Eden came together to help kill the hostile Initiative Triglavian Fleet, culminating in the killmail of the first ever Zirnitra on TQ. That time has come again.

On Saturday the 19th of March at 19:00 Eve Time, we will be hosting an event in the system of 0SHT-A. 0SHT-A (pronounced “Oh Sh*t”) marks the divide between Imperium and PAPI space. It is also close to a low sec entrance (Sendaya), and a high sec entrance (Keberz).

The Initiative. will be flying a historic “Remote Rep” Battleship fleet and I would like to invite everyone across New Eden to join us in 0SHT-A for a massive brawl. Given the battleship changes, it would be great to see other Alliances, big or small, bring their own Remote Rep Battleship fleets for fun, but really whatever you want to bring (not Hacs) is fine.

For Imperium and Papi, you should each have networks in bridge range of 0SHT-A. For groups not in those coalitions we will do our best to provide Titan Bridges for your fleets towards 0SHT-A.

If possible I would ask both Imperium and Papi to “forget” their coalition standings for this one fight and see if we can just do Alliance vs Alliance vs Alliance etc. I’m trying to avoid a massive coalition clusterfeck :smiley:

So whether you have a hate boner for us, you want to see Battleships in action or you want an answer to the (new) age old question of who would win between INIT. and Goons, I hope to see you all in 0SHT-A on Saturday the 19th of March at 19:00 Eve Time.

Who knows, you might even get a chance to shoot CCP!

And for those of you who aren’t in any established groups, our own FC Pandoralica will be leading a public fleet for you to join!

We will also do our best to stream the event.

In the meantime, please raise awareness of CCP’s Plex for Good campaign with your members and friends, convince the rich bitter vets to donate and lets see if we can set a new Plex for Good donation record.

For anyone that needs assistance getting to 0SHT-A, or if you need to get a hold of me for whatever reason, DM me on discord - Dark Shines#3333.


It’s on like Donkey Kong


Looking forward to attending :^)


So I assume this PLEX for good is specifically to help the Ukrainian people and not just a random donation to generic humanitarian relief?
Is CCP still doing business in Russia? If so they should also donate 100% of the profit they are making from doing so to Ukraine.

I believe the full details will be released soon.

CCP confirmed they will match the customers and staffs donations up to a total of $250k, so if we raise $250k in plex, CCP will match it making the total $500k.

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From what I have read, CCP has members of their corporation (employees) from both Russia and Ukraine. I would feel like some would be going to the Russian community that would be in need that wants no part of this war and those in need of Ukraine. Either way, its a good cause I feel CCP will do their best in placing the donation in the right place, whereever that may be.

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Once again most of us will be there!


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If people can forget their coalition standings for a couple hours would be awesome.
Hope many can make it.

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Shoot Brisc !

It’s 4 am here but you’ve got a caffeine addict. See y’all at 0SHT!

Was super fun! Please organize this sort of events more often. The community needs it.

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