Abyss Spawns this was in a t4 and it should be in a t6 not a freaking t4 there is literly no darn way to survive this kinda damage

Ty ccp im kinda just done with your garbage game I get the abyss is supposed to be hard content because its rewarding but this should not be in a freaking t4. 2.5 bill gone because of this horse crap spawn that nothing and i mean nothing but like a 20 bill freaking gila could withstand

This spawn should be in a t5 maybe not even a freaking t5 3 elite cynbals is plenty dps i have to over heat to survive that with freaking mid/highgrade implants surviving 5 is freaking impossible

So till this crap is fixed im done with your garbage game. So thanks for wasting my time but with the dcing in the abyss for no reason and then these horse crap spawns you can kiss my you know what

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o and something else ccp why is your abyssal dead space wiki not updated for the new spawns ? you guys are lazy

Isn’t that supposed to happen randomly and rarely? Abyss space is meant to be unpredictable and meant to overwhelm and wreck you sometimes. You should be happy that CCP has (sadly) stepped away from really following through with this idea and allows you to farm mostly undisturbed in perfectly predictable environments with min-maxed ships. Originally, CCP said that this was not supposed to happen and that you should adapt often to changing environments.

If you want perfect predictability, I suggest you try missions. The sooner the fewer people play this abyss crap, the sooner CCP might turn this instanced garbage off and returns to the roots of EVE.

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dude the abyss is already bloody challanging enough with the clouds and fighting npcs im sorry but this room should not be in a damn t4 3 elites sure but not freaking 5 damn cynbal elites :confused:

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It’s no surprise that you don’t understand how this content is supposed to work when you don’t even understand ccp shut down their wiki years ago.

lol i know how the abyss works iv done 2k of them thanks and i have an 85 percent success rate from tier 1 to t5 so eat me if its not updated and its not shut down as the damn site is still up if its shut down then shut the site down it self

Link the site because ccps is very much down.

Don’t forget to biomass your characters before uninstalling the game or you ragequit will not count.


Abyssal Deadspace - EVE University Wiki pretty sure the eve wiki is still up and running atlest eveuniversity one

I want you to read really slowly the name of that wiki and I think you will find it is run by a player organization and not ccp. If you see something that needs to be changed/updated you can do it yourself. anyone with an eve acc can edit that wiki

wiki.eveonline.com this was the domain for CCPs wiki

did… did two people click on what i explained was a dead link?

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Trust but verify!!!


Yesh…you got hit by five Elite Lucifer Cynabal’s and two Angel frigates; thats rought mate but it should of been slightly expected. Unlike most rooms in the Abyss, Angel ships exchange HP for damage, and massive amounts of it.

As someone said above, this is a rather rare spawn, in my time (and still doing them today) Angel cartel spawns are by far the worst rooms you’ll run into even compared to those with battleships or swarms of frigates because these NPC’s (The Angel’s) are designed to make you think fast and act fast to take them out before their heavy damage tears you to shreds.

What I’m guessing happened here is that since it was a T4 you said? With a Darkness setting which reduces speed by 50% meant that you were dead-to-rights upon entering this room because without speed you’d of just been chewed up with those Cynabals range and extreme DPS.

While I would say that this would belong to a T6, I dont also agree with that as I’ve seen some T6’s that would make this rare room look like a joke; and thats saying that lightly. As much as it does suck, this was just a lose-lose situation because you entered a room where not only did the abyssal space you were in reduce your overall speed but the game also dropped 5 extreme DPSing cruisers.

The only way you could of survived this room, and this is being kind, is having overwhelming DPS against the cruisers with rapid reload and thats in the best case, the Elite Cynabals only got 4.3k shield and 2.3k armor and hull with that armor only having 15% against explosive damage so at least you were using the right type of ammo in the situation but over all the only way you could of survived this is either having something hard for the cruisers to hit or overwhelming damage to kill them before they killed you

Again tho, as I said, the Angel Cartel rooms are the worst, their basically the games “Mini-boss” rooms personally as their practially designed to kill you as fast as possible before you can react normally…

You’ve run over 2000 abyssal sites with 85% success rate and you can’t afford a 2.5bn loss?

My recommendation: stop being a poor.


its not about being poor im already back doing t4s and t5s with a mid grade set this time the problem is the spawn it is almost impossible to withstand that dps even with high grade implants a cruiser with implants could probbly survive

Yes… So what’s the problem? A rare spawn killed your ship? So what? Are you saying that all PvE content should not result in ship loss? Or that rare spawns should not be so rare as to be a surprise to even an experienced player? I thought you were done with this garbage game? What even is the point of your little tizzy? Just venting?


The number of ships is fine for a t4, you just had a shitty roll with the ewar subtype on each ship. same as getting all starving leshaks or all drainers in the concord room. t6 would add 2-3 cruisers and about 10-12 frigs on top of that ship count. Low probability to get that spawn, but still expected behavior.

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