Abyssal deadspace --> Marshal spawn

I’ve seen many players raise concerns about the unmanageable DPS from the Concord Marshal spawn. It seems these ships were (overly) buffed after the resists nerf was already implemented. There’s a forum that has discussed this for some time, which includes players posting actual images and experiences:

There seems to be no feedback. Is this spawn going to be addressed?

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You mean there is a no-win situation in Abyssals? If true, genius move, having a spawn forcing you to lose every now and then. 10% would probably be a good number.


Clearly a response from someone who doesn’t play Abyss - so your opinion is worthless in this regard. There are already many ways to lose ships, it’s high risk, including “fish in a barrel” giving the most noob gankers a chance to eat your ship upon exiting.

PS. I think you should randomly lose your ship every now and then - say 10% - for no valid reason whatsoever - it’s just a good number.


I‘m against instanced gameplay in a sandbox, Abyssal PvE and arenas need to be removed from the game. Everything making it inconvenient helps with that.

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That’s your opinion - focus on playing the game in a way that makes best sense for you. Then allow others the same courtesy instead of trying to dictate your personal whims to them.

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You do the same. You are lobbying for a game change because of your own subjective view.

Absolutely incorrect, again. Are you trying to make a habit of silly statements? Firstly, I included a forum URL in my 1st post where many players have raised this issue. It was a DPS update (September '20 timeframe) to the Marshall spawn that has made them unplayable. Try reading first, then hit the keyboard with more informed commentary.

Secondly, I’m not requesting any game functionality be changed - this is merely an imbalance issue that needs attention.

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No, you are whining because you can’t handle it, you don’t know whether other people have no issue (very likely because there is no big outrage in media), nor whether it is designed like that by CCP. You don’t like it and lobby for a change.

Oh boy. Tipa --> stop trying to act as an intelligent know-it-all. Seriously, you are a clueless bore on this topic - find something else to do - your uninformed opinions count less than zip. Let the real people in the know actually review the request.

Probably not. Ever since Abyssal Depths was introduced and player feedback has been given, the Marshals spawn has been an issue due to its very high DPS and especially damage application. EVERY other spawn added in that patch was addressed in some way by CCP. Drekavacs got their AI fixed, angels got their stats changed, sansha got their stats changed, kikimoras got some stat changes, and although theyre still really strong theyre manageable. Marshals (and EDENCOM too I think, but thats cuz the edencom rats are balanced, good job on CCP for making the edencom rats fairly balanced on the first try) got no changes since initial release though.

The abyssal community has repeatedly complained about how OP Marshals are, especially in regards to DPS and damage application. Each Marshal does 427.5 DPS and uses RHML, meaning they apply decently enough already to AB cruisers (or MWD HACs) unaided, but almost every Marshal spawn has webs and/or paints in the room, buffing the application massively.

The exact stats are that the explosion radius is 140m and the explosion velocity is 187.5m/s, and since they use navy heavy missiles the DRF is 0.682 (you can ignore all of that unless you wanna math out the application against a specific ship)

Against a typical Gila fit this means Marshals apply about 45% of their DPS without application support. However, when you add on some paints that gets buffed significantly, and if you get webbed you’re going to die unless you can face tank the DPS, which is 427.5 per marshal and a little extra from all the other rats. The damage type is thermal (except for if the marshal is named Drainer in which case it neuts 25GJ/s and does explosive damage instead), which is the only way its not even worse, cuz its the damage type you already wanna stack resists against cuz of the trigs. I feel bad for any Sacrileges though, because thermal is their native resist hole.

CCP however, has completely ignored the player feedback regarding Marshals and has done nothing. I can confidently say this is the ONLY thing that I have ever seen the abyssal community be completely unanimous on needing a nerf, and yet CCP doesn’t care. They’ve moved on from fixing the abyss and are onto whatever their next plans are. If we’re lucky the Marshals might get a nerf when abyssals get revisited in 2-5 years. So far the meta is still doing ok but Marshals are a huge pain in everyone’s side and bad enough RNG will simply kill you. I personally stopped running abyssals because of the Marshals spawn. It made my specific preferred filament, firestorms, completely unviable with a non-ultrablinged Gila since that weather nerfs thermal resists and gives no meaningful buff. The only thing that makes them ok is the dirt cheap filament, which is a sign that the filament sucks ass, and it sucks even more so now.

Sorry this kinda turned into a rant but hopefully you get the point. Marshals really need to get nerfed in either their DPS, their damage application, or the presence of webs/paints in the room.


I heard rumors that Stormbringers could handle Marshal spawns. Could that be?

Yes they can because Stormbringers are incredibly tanky, and their vorton also melts the entire room in like 30 seconds

Ignore Tipa, it’s one of the Forum Trolls.

Keep on pressing,
if it’s not the player deciding if an Abyssal is a win or loose but pure RNG, something is wrong.
Having RNG making the decision and not player skill is a horrible, faulty mechanic that needs fixing.


Great to note your insights - thank you for sharing.

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100% agree.

What a shame. How far you’ve sunk.

Interesting observation. When I’ve configured one using the simulator - the DPS seems well below a decent Gila fit for T5. Granted, I don’t have all the skills, but the ship’s bonuses were on range if I remember correctly. Is this just a case of low DPS and massive application? I don’t know any player who is actually using one for Abyss.

The Stormbringer is massively popular for T5 electricals because although its single-target DPS is low, it arcs to nearby targets, meaning its actual DPS is insane if it gets to arc like that

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I don’t think that spawns should be nerfed just because the most popular ships cannot handle them.

If no ship at all can handle them it would be an issue, but as long as some ships can handle those spawns it’s just a matter of optimisation; maybe a ship that cannot handle those spawns is not optimal. Or maybe it still is optimal for ISK/h, but you will not be 100% certain to survive.

From what I read above, some ships can handle these spawns (Stormbringer?) - it could change the meta!

Also, I share @Tipa_Riot 's thought that a less than 100% chance of success is not necessarily bad. With perfect survival chances there is nothing to stop people from blinging ships, except the size of their wallet.
With any non-zero chance of dying, the cost of your ship will suddenly be part of the risk equation, as it should be.

I did around 40 t4 abyss runs in cheap gila with crappy skills. This spawns aren’t issue. I was getting spawns with 2 Marshal’s few edencom cruisers and frigates plus small stuff with webs and painters.

You just need to remove incoming DPS in time. This spawns are probably easier than some vedmak rooms

The issue is with frigate abyss and low tier ones. This spawns are instant kill for most day 1 builds. And this really throws off new people.