Abysal loot

Has something happened to the loot that we didn’t know about? Not getting a lot of loot in T5’s making them almost worthless at the minute.

Someone decided to post their awesome cheap strat to run t6’s easily in 3 frigs and now everyone is spamming it, CCP probably put in some code to adjust drop rates depending on how many people run the sites and right now its a crap ton.

LOL - well it’s a killer most of the t5’s i’ve run this evening have looted me ~25-40m and that’s after looting all nodes too! usually I’m getting 100m+ :frowning:

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Yea, its sad but usually if something is good it has to be kept secret otherwise it turns to $%#

Why are CCP so determined to destroy the game from within.

I am only guessing because if I was in their shoes that is what I would have done to protect strong item’s from becoming too cheap, so pure speculation.

But either way your income would go down even if the drop rate doesn’t change because the value would just decrease.

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I get that but it just seems the cans aren’t spawning as much loot as the other day. I understand as more people run them it’s supply versus demand, shame really as I’ve been enjoying T5’s and was hoping to lose a few bill trying T6’s. Guess that won’t happen now, the result of being risk averse because of not wanting to spend the next few weeks grinding.

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Have you given them a try on the test server?

T6’s? Yes and No. gave them a go with a pretty expensive fit (if it was on Tranq) and didn’t like how much I would invest and the pay out with a successful completion. I also lost a few times too which helped me make my mind up that I’d need to perfect the fit and running them on Tranq. they were good fun through even though it was on the test server.

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25 to 40 milion ISK per site?
How long does running such a site take?

So let me get this straight …

You first try out the sites on sisi to get a perfect ship able to run them …
… and only then you run the content, when it’s guaranteed that you’ll make money?

And apparently lots of it?

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Do you just visit forums to ■■■■ on anyone that has a difference of opinion or view?

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There’s no need to be angry.
Why don’t you answer the questions? :frowning:

Who is angry, I asked a question since we’ve met before.

  1. 15-17 minutes

  2. and your problem with that is?

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And what’s the deal with abyssal loot? You barely get any, and what you do get isn’t worth anything! They should call it…abysmal loot.



I see what you did there :eye: :eye:

maybe because of the nexus event. players has been farming billions of isk from it.

Yea, testing fits on sisi is a near universal practice in the abyssal community, since you ARE playing with multi-billion cruisers and content where 1 ■■■■ up (either in piloting or the fit design) could cost you that

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Are those really required or is it just a matter of “efficiency” ?