Abyssal Dead Space Loot table winter update?

I have run a lot of abyssal dead space sites, and ever since the update the loot has been questionable.

Running Tier 5 Electrical has only yielded me Gravids and Materials. (even caches that are empty)

Prior to the update I only received a gravid once in a Tier 5 out of all my sites, and I never had a cache that was empty. Iv had nodes empty, but not a cache. Yesterday while doing 8 Tier 5 Electricals in nullsec space I received just two gravid multiplasmids, materials, and two ammo blueprints. Also out of those 8 sites I received three empty cache’s.

If this was intended then so be it, then abyssal has been hit with that nerf hammer for loot, but I don’t think it was intentional I think the loot table is messed up since adding the new ships blueprints.

I must agree with you, I feel like Abyssal loot table is quite messed.

I managed to get a Leshak Blueprint in a T1 filament, I was either extremely lucky or it’s bugged :confused:

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I really hope not. The isogen-10/condensate market already has issues keeping up with the demand and the new patch has pushed up condensate buy order prices 10% in 2 days. Prices were finally starting to slip, hoping this doesn’t undo some of that work.

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Loot table was changed not in winter patch but in Onslaught, when all good loot was moved to PvP dungeons. Winter patch just fixed what was left. CCP wants you to go PvP if you want real Abyss loot, thats all.

I feel the same, I had run over 60 Tier 5 elecrical gamma firestorm and exotic site since the new update. all I got are the gravid and materials as well, even dont have the skill books. they reduce the drop rate extremely retarded unbelievable. I hope that is a bug not what they intended

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I hope that’s not the case. “Please fly a 1b ship if you want a 50/50 chance at getting some 1m isk ammo blueprints and a 50m isk skill book” … um no.

More risk, greater reward. That its like it always was supposed to be. In case of PvP in abyss, there is always someone dead.

I honestly think its just a bug from the new loot added to the table. Theirs nothing in the patch notes about them being touched.

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I been running lower tiers, and have found the loot to balance well for those tiers. Sure sometimes I just get mats, but have also got some nice BP, skill books, and mods werth a good chunk.

Sounds like some balence may be needed between tiers.

if so T1-T4 rewards still be the same as it before, that means only the T5 site had been messed up . that explained why there is not so many people complain about it and all the modules and skill books price were not increasing. I will try some T4 site this night if that is true. If so I believe we need to report a bug ticket to ccp.

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