Ratting Multiboxing?

So asumming im on a big sovnull corp and that i can run 4-6 accounts for ratting that im gonna start training now what u guys would get into for ratting

my idea is

  1. isthars?
  2. edecom ships + nestor/machariel Smartbombing
  3. only machariels
  4. carriers?

In that order of priority Capitals being last because i dont want to fly those capitals ngl i dont feel specially entusiast about training into caps for ratting

I want to know if is there any sitte that takes ratting with different fit and gives u stimations etc per toon

I mainly did mining abyss and incursions so im pretty lost when it comes to ratting

what of all above or if there is anything new gonna be best ROI and more isk/h for the SP and fit investment?

100MN Ishtars are the standard ISK’tar fit. Exact fit depends on where you’re ratting and what NPCs you’re facing.
Spread them out across multiple sites rather than all in the one hub/haven. Running the escalations will require a somewhat fancier ship and fit.

so its not worth to jump into smartbomber machs or edecom ships? isthars are already fine?

and how much isk/h should i expect with isthars?

been so long since I null ratted in Ishtars, i honestly don’t know.

i don’; know. that would be far more expensive to get setup.

I used to rat with the 100mn afterburner fit Ishtars. Would do so with 4 accounts. As said above, spread them out 1 in each anom and have at it.

They are the best bang for your buck.

Ishtars are about 60mil/hour each. I wouldnt bother with 100mn ones when youre multiboxing, some shorter range rats like frigs and battlecruisers cant hit you and so your drones wont attack them automatically. Either 10mn armour or xlsb brick fit, depending on where you live.

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