The most versatile ship duo comp for Nullsec

Hey everyone, newbro is here. So I have 2 omega accounts (7 and 2 mil sp) and do ratting in nullsec. I am currently learning ishtars but after that I dont really know which ship class to choose for both pilots. I want to try as many activities as possible in Eve so sp efficiency is the top priority for me, thus please share your opinion regarding my ideas, all critique and suggestions are welcomed.
After Ishtars my main will start learning HAM Tengu so I could do 8/10 and 10/10 DED sites, additionally maybe C3 wh farm. But what about the second pilot, should it learn another Tengu so I could blast most of the pve activities or it should be a semi-support class ship? I really like the idea of learning t3c so I could fly super safe in null due to bubble immunity module and covert cloak and invest lots of isk in implants. Besides, investing sp in caldary cruisers and HAMs would allow me to fly cheap Caracals and finally start learning how to pvp properly.
P. S. I choose Tengu because I have missiles and shield skills approximately in 4 on my main account but the second acc is completely empty so I can learn any ship class.

Trig ships are great for dual boxing because of the remote rep bonuses. So, not only do you get some powerful ships, but you can free up low slots for other stuff (such as nanofibers or additional damage mods) by spider tanking them. I love me some ikitursas, but I won’t be shaking any sticks at the nergal or the kikimora either.

Of course, if versatility is what you’re going for, you can’t beat T3’s. Moreover, as you’ve already noticed, they’re great for working in more dangerous space. Just use a travel fit for moving about, then refit with a mobile depot when you want to run a site.

Do be aware, however, that they are still vulnerable. So, don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.

Anyway, putting your second pilot in a support role makes learning to dual box easier, but you’ll get a lot better isk efficiency by bringing a second pew ship. The cool thing about T3’s, however, is that you can start your alt off with logi/boosts/links, and then switch him over to pew as you become more comfortable with controlling both accounts. (oh and the tengu is a solid choice. In fact, the only T3 I’m not particularly thrilled about is the Proteus).

And for general dual boxing advice, I recommend that you learn your hotkeys, and try to arrange your huds (and window placements) in such a way that it minimizes eye and mouse movement. Oh, and make sure that you can hear your alarms.

Naturally, there are a crap ton more hotkeys, but these are some of the most important ones that every player should know. Learning these will greatly improve your execution, and the shorter list makes learning them a lot easier. And if you have the screen real estate to spare, considering making a cheat sheet, and setting it to your desktop background. I’ve done that for things like hotkeys, ammo ranges, and target priorities.

Anyway, the forums has crappy formatting options, but here’s a list for you.

W - Orbit
E - keep at Range
A - Align
D - Dock/Jump/Activate
T - Drop Drones (probably not the default)
Ctrl + R - Reload
Ctrl + T - Recall drones (not the default, but my personal preferrence)
` (tilde) + LC - lock target (not the default, but I highly recommend making the switch, as it greatly reduces the amount of finger gymnastics that you have to do)
v - d-scan
Functions keys - activate modules (not that you can move mid an low slot mods up into the top row of your hud)
Shift + F1 - Overheat said module
Ctrl + Space - Stop Ship


All drones will turn sentient at some point and betray their master, good thing you’re going away from droneboat ratting :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you’re coming from the Ishtar, you already have heavy assault cruisers skilled. The Cerberus is really destructive to anything it’s missiles can apply properly on, and k-space anom rats are just that. They’re large and slow, just what missiles apply well on.
With Rage HAMs it can get almost 800dps and 39km range with cheap fittings, and 61 km range if you opt rigging and taking a guidance enhancer instead of a damage control, which isn’t really needed for ratting anyways.
With Caldari Navy Heavies or Rapid Lights it can shoot way farther then it can lock targets, at the expense of DPS, and in case of the heavies, also application.
The Amarrian Sacriledge trades some range for tank, and unlike the Cerberus isn’t locked to kinetic damage. Since Armor Tank can’t passively regenerate, a sacriledge needs a repair, which needs capacitor batteries, which need some skilling to fit

Tengu is awesome, but Tengu fits tend to get really expensive really quick, and it’s range bonus as well as it’s movement speed are inferior to a Cerbs’

In case you have gankers in your null, Tengu + Onyx is a combo most gankers don’t want to pick a fight with (“bubble up + interdiction point + blops”) unless they know they’re PVE fit, an Onyx can be fit to clap the guristas pretty hard, too, and … it’s just so tanky.

Thank you so much for all advices! I indeed need to focus on smooth dualboxing controls first. Trig ships looks awesome but I have never seen them in action and not sure that they are good for something besides pvp :face_with_monocle:

Onyx looks sooooooo interesting, thanks for pointing him out for me! I will start to research this ship ASAP :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. The only thing I dont understand is the difference between warp disruption field generator and a zero-point mass entagler, as far as I understand the second module is like both scrambler and a webifier at once but less effective and has AOE, am I right?

I think the zero-point mass entangler is a niche module that allows the Heavy Interdictor to reduce their mass. It is used by wormholers to roll holes with less risk of ending on the wrong side of the hole.

For common Heavy Interdictor use it’s kind of useless.

The warp disruption field generator is AoE and can be scripted to turn into a unlimited strength targeted scram or point.

Neither are really useful in PvE (except maybe to scare or catch PvPers), but I think those Hictors do have a lot of survivability which can help in PvE.

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I fly a legion/loki combo in null. Nothing better than a t3 for versatility. Travel fit gets you basically anywhere short of mass smartbombing gatecamps. Quit refit for exploration. Tanky enough to handle sanctums, and fast enough to gtfo when reds enter the system.

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