Caldari duo for level 4

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After a long hyatus, having some isks from my former life, i’ve ended up building two perfect tengu toons (injectors powah) to run level 4s, do anyone tried this road yet? Succesfully?

(Zola Kado) #2

To run where? High sec? Low? Null?

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Hisec for now, i’ve to de-rust first, Caldari Space

(Zola Kado) #4

You can do it. But with HAMs will be alot of multitasking, with HMLs (or autotarget missile) is simply inefficient.

Tbh, i would skip t3c -s for HS lvl4, but thats me.

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i’m not looking for efficiency, just a general refreshment before venturing somewhere deeper

(Chainsaw Plankton) #6

dual tengus would be ezpz for highsec lv4s. easy to the point I’m not sure you’d learn anything. general fit was HML/HAMs in the highs, a shield tank, 10mn AB, bcus in the lows, and missile rigs. Kill anything that webs and you can speed tank everything. I always used a deadspace small shield booster, but with the changes and/or cap batteries you can get a medium or even large cap stable pretty easily.

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First day: i’m cutting pretty every mission like a knive in hot butter, ships are agile and range is good, I go with hmls and deadspace small shied booster, i’m Loaded with 10k rage scourge and 5k precision.
I don’t know if this is efficient, sure is enjoyable, but completion times are awesome.

(Earnest Emu) #8

@ tengu’s work OK, but you really want at least one bs pilot to be in a pirate bs or maruader. I find 2 bs pilots work better than the tengu’s. I use 1 marauder and a snake

(Francis Raven) #9

Go to nullsec and use them to run ded sites, that’s where the isk is.

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