A second ship to complement my Tengu in PvE?

As it stands now, I have decent T3Cs skills with regards to the Tengu. I have a few builds I can swap into before leaving the station. One for exploration/hacking, one for PvE combat sites and missions. I don’t actively seek PvP, and prefer PvE much more, so I’m focusing on doing combat sites in C3s, LS and HS, and looking at mission running too (I like stories to follow.)

Therefore my objectives can be broken down into the following:

  • C3 wormhole relic/data sites, combat sites (within my capabilities)
  • LS and HS missions, which I’m aiming to get to L4 for the ISK and challenge(s)

I also want to explore multi-boxing, as I think it looks fun and adds a whole new dynamic to the game. I guess with that in mind I have the following quesiton: if I setup a second Omega account to multi-box alongside my Tengu, what kind of ship complements it to assist with the above objectives?

I would love for the second ship to be able to cloak like the Tengu, but I understand that (greatly) limits my options. Another Tengu/T3Cs is an option, but that’s a long training queue.

Ideas? Thoughts? Am I overthinking this? Should I potentially forego cloaking and accept the higher risk to run two higher-end DPS ships?

If you want to actively dualbox, clearly the Loki. You can fit it also for HAMs, but assist the damage application of both ships with a longrange web to more than compensate for the lower base damage and range. My Loki can clear all C3 WH content solo for example, if I would add up a companion it would surely be the Tengu.

If you need cloak and you want to have it as easy as possible with the dualboxing, go for a Stratios first (just assign the drones to the Tengu and let it follow). Can be upgraded later to a Drone-Proteus.


T1 Explorers have a bonus to Salvager Cycle time. A Magnate has the highest number of low slots of the four, so it can get the largest cargo, which is helpful as sleeper salvage is bulky.

Budget Example fit:

[Magnate, Salvager]
Type-D Restrained Expanded Cargo
Type-D Restrained Expanded Cargo
Type-D Restrained Expanded Cargo
Type-D Restrained Expanded Cargo

Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Drone Navigation Computer I

Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I

Small Salvage Tackle I
Small Salvage Tackle I
Small Salvage Tackle I

Salvage Drone I x3

But I wouldn’t multibox that in a combat site ofc.

I’d get a Command Ship with Command Links boosting your Tengu’s shields. A Nighthawk would be a good choice that can also add a boatload of DPS, speeding up ratting. While you skill into it, you can use a T1 Battlecruiser to see if you like it. And if not, you can still swap to something else. (Gnosis for example)

I wouldn’t consider a cloak a must. You’r not cloaked running a combat site. But if you want one, you can refit to one with a Mobile Depot.

Thanks. My only concern with the Loki, or any T3Cs, is the sheer amount of time to train into one. It’s months of work.

The Command Ship idea sounds good, actually. Thank you. I’ll investigate that idea!

Skilling for Command Ships will take even longer if you want to utilize their biggest bonus, the command bursts.

The quickest ‘supporter’ would probably be a CovOps pilot, which would enable you to do all the scanning and hacking stuff more quickly and with a lot less risk, it is way cheaper than a Tengu and has all the Boni you need. It can also be used as scout whenever you have to travel through possibly camped lowsec or nullsec systems or can passively watch an open WH for you while you farm.

Quickest damage addition might be a Worm or a Hawk, both can survive C3 sites with a pure passive tank as long as you can keep their speed up and both have excellent application on frigs, what the Tengus greatest weakness is.

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Very cool. Thank you.

I’ve just started my first Omega alt, and I’ve got them training for the Orca. I’ve been drawn into the idea of the Orca being a secondary, mobile base for my corporation.

Cloaky Loki, to keep the Tengu safe while it’ s running sites in w-space.

Thank me later for the joy of seeing very startled gankers who tried and failed :grin:

Ha! It’s actually something I have considered, but the training required to fly any T3Cs…

In EvE terms, it’s not that long, and you get a lot back for it. Your choice of course, and depending on if what you love doing coincides with your #1 way of generating income.

It’s one of those things where EvE shows you half a department store full of choices. You’re on a budget (time-wise). In this case you have to pick between another multi-role (t3c) or a fixed role ship that will support your Tengu in PvE. Yep, you definitely need a skill training optimizer app for this little problem.

P.S, to avoid costly losses you will have to have very good support skills if you plan on running lvl 4 missions.

Thanks for these insights. I think I will go Tengu on the alt. I’m developing all three characters in the second Omega account: DST/BR, Hulk, and a Tengu :slight_smile:

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