Multi-Single Client

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Perhaps the most stupid thing I’ll say on these forums… for now

Back in the old Dust 514 days MiMi found a nifty trick, two players could use the same character at once, one responsible for moving and resource management while the other was tasked with aiming and finding the targets (two controllers).

Now, it gets me thinking with Eve. Is the same “bug” in the client? Could multiple people pilot one bird? One choosing HP management, another on guns, a 3rd on movement, 4th on squad management?, others on D-scan, etc.

My thought was logging into the same client on two different machines to see what would happen but… I have one computer (but burner accounts). At first I wanted to see how the game would handle it, either crashing or mirroring a point of view (with two mouse control).

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Not in the slightest asking for this to be a feature, that would suck. Just wondering if the flaw carried over or it was just the b–… Special CCP programming :sunglasses:

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If you login the same character on a different computer, the other session will be terminated.

So a character in EVE can only be logged in on one computer at a time (on a single server).

You can login on multiple servers at the same time (eg be on TQ and SiSi at the same time), but not the same server.

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Kinda sounds like you’re looking for a game with gameplay other than Eve’s.

Artemis has what you’re after. Eve Online does not, and personally I would find it horribly boring if CCP tried to implement something like this in Eve. There isn’t enough to do to keep two players occupied piloting one ship the vast majority of the time.

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But how can I trust the other fella not to snatch my stuff? I can’t, so no.

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Also pretty sure it’s against the EVE Online - End User License Agreement