Multi-Boxing Policy Inquiry

(Erich Einstein) #1

I was wondering if individuals could help me understand what CCP allows, and what is not allowed when it comes to operating multiple characters.

I ask this because I myself play two characters at a time, where I switch back and forth between game client windows. I find it takes a bit of effort and time to get both characters targeted and firing. Then there are these two CODE gank squads in Uedama where two people operate 24+ accounts, not including bumping and scanning:

  • Baren Rozei, Sharren Rozei, etc (about a dozen of them)

  • Uninstall 01, Uninstall 02, etc. (about a dozen as well)

  • It’s almost certain that one of these gangs is the same person that used to operate the KUSION gang that reportedly was banned a few months back.

Although these two gangs can make use of in-game fleet warp mechanics to move around, it is impossible to get all their ships target locked and firing as fast as they do. They are either using third-party software that shares their mouse and keyboard commands to all of the clients, designed to make the clicks vary just slightly OR they are running separate machines (virtual maybe) tied into one keyboard and mouse set.

How its done exactly is not important because you can obviously tell that they are not switching windows, locking, and firing one by one. To me, this is considered a method that provides an unfair advantage during gameplay against other players. They are wrecking freighters at an alarming rate which would not be possible with normal window switching. Its impossible because these players are -10 security status and Anti-gankers would have half the ships destroyed by the time the window switching was complete.

With that said, you have other ganking fleets such as Gimme Da Loot / Goons that gank with actual fleet members working together to provide the DPS it takes to bring down a freighter. They do it for the corp, they all get a cut, who knows but they seem to be playing the game the way it is supposed to be played where a number of people are each controlling their own 1-3 accounts.

Obviously, these Rozei and Uninstall gangs have been ganking in Uedama for months now so it seems that CCP does not care if players rig their systems in a way that allows for one input to multiple accounts. If this type of gameplay is allowed, I would like to know because, “who doesn’t want an unfair advantage where you can single-handedly down freighters all day long and make billions on top of billions of isk”!

It would be nice to here what others have to say about what is allowed and what is not because these gank squads seem to be getting away with assisted gameplay just fine.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

Line 21 and possibly 29 since its CODE. and they encourage to trick CONCORD on their webpage.

(Erich Einstein) #3

So why havn’t they been banned?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #4

If it’s about the CONCORD thing its because it is a whole mess, not even the GMs or CCP can decide if its a legit thing or not, to this day still waiting for a GM to answer me properly and its been nearly a month.

The page of exploits says one thing, but they say the other.

Anyway, you are better off filing a ticket and letting the GMs and CCP know about the issue at hand since it is a possible third party and they can investigate it better through IP and all that fancy stuff.

(yellow parasol) #5

What trick?

(Erich Einstein) #6

Watch the rate at which the warp scramble attempts start scrolling the screen. Definitely automated or parallel control of accounts using third party tools which is specifically against the TOS stated by Arcanith Lionheart above.

(yellow parasol) #7

Damn you people who don’t zoom out and ruin the lightshow.

This was actually what i wanted to see. I can’t confirm that this hints at input spreading. After the first message there is a longer delay than the few following. Every message has around half a second delay, some going in faster, but this can be a clever set up or just lower pings happening in between. If he did input spreading, the rate of messages would have gone much faster than this. There’s a pretty good spread between the first and the last message.

If he used virtual desktops, or multiple screens, i can see him alt-tabbing through windows and virtual desktops quickly, and he likely doesn’t even have to move the mouse for clicking, because all windows should be arranged in a way that each one’s UI looks the same. So it’s alt-tabbing (or using a program that allows quick switching between windows, which isn’t illegal) and clicking, without moving the mouse.

You can pull this off by having a properly set up overview, each window looking the same and clever set up of the windows.

I see your point, but i don’t see an out-of-the-ordinary rate of events happening. I could pull this off too, and so could you… but hell, i’m not a madman. :blush:

PS: a program that helps switching through the windows in a proper order is easily written in python and psutil. All the script needs to knoe, is the order of programs it needs to switch focus to at a specific hotkey. Much less of a mess than using alt-tab alone. That way you could easily click through four or five windows in a second, and we’re not even seeing that happen. I’d say that, as long as you report and nothing happens to him, he doesn’t cheat.

(Erich Einstein) #8

Yeah … Demonstrate what you are saying please!! Post the video so we can all see since you actually believe what you have just said.

(yellow parasol) #9

Sure, if you pay the accounts. I can use two screens and my machine should be able to run around 8 accounts at the same time.

Post your edit: i believe what i said, because i know enough about how to do it, unlike you apparently. You not knowing, though, doesn’t change anything. Accusing me of being on his side (in case you do) just screams paranoia and conspiracy theory.

I don’t need to show anything, though. Our opinions are irrelevant. You can think whatever you want, protest how much you want… it’s irrelevant. File a ticket, see what happens. Everything else is a complete waste of time, and arguing back and forth about it, just so some equally irrelevant opinions agree with you, is nonsensical.

If it makes you feel better, though:

Yeah, he’s input broadcasting. Now gather 100 more people agreeing with you and then show me how that changes anything at all. Hint: it won’t. :slight_smile:

(Arcanith Lionheart) #10

Alt tabbing requires incredible muscle memory since you need more tab clicks the further down the line the other windows are, I sometimes get incredibly confused between my 3 chars when I pop the browser open between them lol, only the first few windows would have a decent response time, the others would start being slowed down unless he knows how many times to click tab

The whole delay CONCORD thing on purpose to have more time to kill victims

(yellow parasol) #11

See my PS. It’s trivial to install python, download psutil, looking at the docs and making a custom alt-tabbing (via different hotkeys), which switches through windows in whatever order you desire. I agree that normal alt-tabbing takes a while. Took me fifteen minutes to teach my hand hoe to properly alt-tab through four windows. A huge mess. :grin:

(Arcanith Lionheart) #12

Oh yeah nearly forgot about that, didn’t even realise that and I got a gaming keyboard with a few extra buttons to customise. Now whether or not its allowed I’ll leave to the authorities to decide…

Still… A laugh to the face of those guys for multiboxing so many chars, but I still reckon that this needs to be investigated, because one thing that CCP does not allow is using multiple Alpha characters, even on different PCs with the same IP, because we never know if it’s using a virtual computer or whatever thats called to multibox alphas. So if all of those were alphas that’s one or two guys down.

(yellow parasol) #13

All i’m saying is that the things i see are accomplishable within the EULA, and i’d wish them good luck trying to enforce an EULA that covers custom process switching solutions, because that’d declare custom OS GUI shells as illegal. I don’t know if his chars are Alpha. It’s unknown to anyone but him and CCP.

File a ticket. Anything else is a waste of time. Opinions don’t matter. vOv

(Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri) #14

If they start firing within one tick, it looks from the other side as if they did it at the same time. Achieving such speed is not easy, but doable. It’s one of those intances where preparation takes more invstment than execution, with the latter looking really slick and easy to the outside viewer. The Kusions showed everyone how it’s done on Twitch years ago, so it’s not like it’s some kind of voodoo magic or anything.

Now, you’ve tried confronting the combined forces of CODE. and Miniluv and didn’t succeed - that’s perfectly fine. You’ve set yourself up against the endboss of highsec with all odds stacked up against you, and I respect that. There’s nothing wrong with addressing CCP and trying to tank your shortcomings with their influence, either - that’s an integral part of the game and just another perfectly legitimate tactic. It would be foolish to say otherwise with the recent GigX affair and all.

So allow me to commend you on your content creation efforts and thank you for posting your comments and sharing the video as part of the daily reminder that the Code always wins.

(Erich Einstein) #15

LUL… remembers back to KUSION ban. Also, see my other great twitch vids with Kusion… not winning

(Jonah Gravenstein) #16

Oh look it’s this guy again; unimaginative, ill-informed, ignorant, and with a full on robot chubby for gankers.

To wit: IIRC we covered how people manage to gank with multiple clients in that thread, without them resorting to input broadcasting or any of the other forbidden methods.

Erich, crawl back under your bridge.

(yellow parasol) #17

Oohhh, so it’s just a hater.

(Pure Whyte) #18

He’s upset CODE. started killing empty freighters today just to troll Erich about not being able to stealing any loot drops.
I’d say it worked, behold this honeypot.

(BAE B BLUE) #19

Tl:dr: You can’t do it, so they must be using hax.

You’re just garbage dude.

With that said, you have other ganking fleets such as Gimme Da Loot / Goons that gank with actual fleet members working together to provide the DPS it takes to bring down a freighter. They do it for the corp, they all get a cut, who knows but they seem to be playing the game the way it is supposed to be played where a number of people are each controlling their own 1-3 accounts.

No one gets a cut, I keep it all for myself.

(Do Little) #20

If you have 2 or 3 monitors and a program like EVE-O Preview v3.1.0 “Lykoi” (multi-client preview / switcher) (perfectly legal) you can lock and fire as fast as you can move the mouse. Fitting 6-8 in a single server tick really isn’t that difficult.

If CCP hasn’t banned them, it’s because they haven’t caught them doing anything illegal.