I think multiboxing Has Broken NS And the idea of a corporation when it comes to being down there

Recently back from NS because t there was no one on my time zone down there because they were all Australian Europeans so just didn’t work out for me but that Corporation but I’ve noticed other corporations I’ve been with sub-zero also throw multi boxers they have multiple accounts going and that makes up most of the corporation

there’s no real people there’s one or two people running 9 accounts seriously the last Corporation I was with the corporation leader he had nine characters multi boxing I think it’s broke the idea of what a corporation it’s supposed

to be just my opinion maybe something it’s CCP needs to think about putting a limit on 9 accounts is little ridiculous

You have 60 people in a corporation 50 of those characters of the same four people it just kind of amazes me

Go back to One account one-player my God all that would change the game goonswarm would be totally screwed in the butt


I have to agree. When i see people say they run 50 accounts, thats a lil insane, and i feel like someone needs to have their brain checked if they think that would be normal or even socialogically acceptable to be one person running 50 accounts on a game that is supposed to be an MMO with 5 people making up the entire community.

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That is one hell of a run-on sentence.

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As much as I agree with you, we have never been there and CCP has no way whatsoever to enforce that. As recent revelations about massive exploitation of multi-alpha log in have shown, even hard restrictions can be circumvented in such huge numbers that CCP does not even dish out bans for EULA violations. Goons would benefit from that because they would find ways to still log in multiple characters. Completely killing off all alts is probably too much to ask for anyway, some alts are necessary to have fun in EVE. But there are ridiculous excesses happening.

Use some interpuction FFS.

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Alts are indistinguishable from other players. And as mentioned, there is no way to realistically prevent alt accounts and multi-boxing.

Is it a problem though? Not really. An alt cannot do what another player couldn’t. And complaining about corps made up of one guy and his alts is your personal distaste. What would you do different if the corp you joined was just one guy rather than full of alts?

But if you thought 50 was bad:

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Sounds more like:

  1. you failed to ask some basic questions before joining that corp, like “how many players are online on average in my TZ, and what are they up to”
  2. the alliance you were in is stuck in 2010 and does not have the infrastructure in place to coordinate content/activities across the alliance; could be as simple as a single discord or jabber server.

Bigger question, what harm is introduced by multiboxing?

A player on a single account will always be more responsive, and the more a player multiboxes the less responsive they can get. Input broadcasting is bannable, so there’s a definite scaling limit on in-space activities.

Next, consider the value in multiboxing:

  1. More revenue for our overlords, which in turn helps keep the game alive
  2. You can do more stuff. A lot of times, waiting for people, relying on people, it’s just setting you up for disappointment
  3. This game is built around the idea that anyone can screw you over. Imagine you’re running a jump freighter full of assets for the alliance out, and because you need 5 dudes to cyno you, you get a cyno from someone in alliance… except… oops. Awox. Now you’re out 40 billion isk because you just cynoed into a bubble at a deep safe.
  4. More potential for conflict. If my dude is on the other side of the universe, it’s fantastic to be able to log in a different dude to participate in a fleet.
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Multiboxing is one of those boogeyman/scapegoat things people like to blame for their problems. Everything from PvP (that guy had a falcon alt!) to this OP’s problem with his corp.

Ccp has already told us that the vast majority of eve account holders ha e one account and only a very very tiny minority do the “super-boxing” (like having 50 accounts) that gets complained about every time an ice belt gets depleted.

Multiboxing isn’t an issue.

The most horrifying thing here is the complete lack of punctuation.

hmph, multiboxing is not broken…especially in highsec…

But what ever space you are in or want to be in…if you join a corp that offers you enough ISK for your efforts to support plexing, or buying shiny combat ships, or expensive skins…etc etc…

I would rather you quit whining, stfu and htfu…over the years i have seen people complain about this corps rules or that alliances laws…

Well guess what…you applied to it, get with the program.

TLDR: sounds to me like OP has issues other than multiboxing

Without multiboxing - and bots, of course - New Eden would be a pretty empty place.

Just sayin’

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That’s their choice if they want to run 10 or 30 accounts.

What you should of done is your research on the corp. How many active real players etc.

There are a gazzilion corps out there to choose from. Just find another

Codie is recruiting.

I completely agree, but why I have 9 Eve windows on monitors, because Eve has no rules and I can not trust anyone.

AND limit corp size to 100 and you will have dynamic and live EVE full of real PVP for change :slight_smile:

CCP chose bots and multi accounts over real players long ago. CCP CEO even came out and said CCP subscription focus had moved from flesh and blood behind a screen to multibox years ago. They went overboard on that mantra to boost the Pearl Abyss sale price and will continue to do so until performance target dates mature and then they’ll dump EVE like the cold dead sack of ■■■■ it is and release their new MMO probably under a different house than CCP to escape pearl abyss.

Pearl Abyss will be left holding a bag of stinking ■■■■ as CCP staffers jump ship into a new dev house. Icelandic law won’t give a ■■■■ over the matter as they notoriously protect their own.

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Hm. Using Capitals without Faux-Alts/Cyno- and scout-alts… Yeah.
Doing mass production(Pretty much the only viable form of industry) without alts…
Using a JF without a cynochain. Well…rip.
Ratting in high-class WH-systems without alts…
Mining with just one char. Would be fun to watch the ore-/mineralmarket to collapse.
PVP. The NC.-guy explained that allready.
Trading with one char sounds fun. Not.
SP-farming is rather self-explainatory.

Just another stupid idea that would murder the game.

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Welcome to industry, aka game of alts.

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Still not sure what an Australian European is. Is it an Aussie who lives in Europe?


No harm can come from multiboxing.
CCP should lift the current ban.

It’s so sad what MMO’s players have become.

RIP this genre.

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