Botting/Multi Boxing

I have some questions for the Forum

These questions have to do with a growing heavy sec bot/mutli boxing fleet that is mining ice. It started at 9 characters and is up to 13 now. They are all in NPC corps.

  1. How can you tell the difference between botting and multi boxing?
  2. What is the next step to dealing with bots/multi boxer if ganking does not work?
  3. What is the point in reporting bots if CCP does not ban them?
  4. How to over come the wealth difference between the ganker and bot fleet?

The ganking is not working because the bot fleet is not losing as much per day as they are making. The bot fleet does not even warp off when ganked, he rest of the fleet just continues to mine.

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Recruit some friends with bump Machariels and keep their Orca, Porpoise, and freighter perma-bumped until they give up and go elsewhere. Works for me every time. If you make it enough of a hassle, they WILL go elsewhere…

Personally, I wouldn’t even bother reporting them, because CCP isn’t going to do a damn thing about it anyway. There’s probably a few thousand mining bots in high, and even more in null, along with about ten thousand bots ratting in Ravens, VNI’s, and carriers…

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As a player, there are some things that hint at the difference between a botter and a multi-boxer. Mostly it has to do with actually replying and talking or ganking and seeing if they do the same action like clockwork.

Report to CCP.

CCP does. Just cause they dont ban them instantly, doesnt mean theyre not banning them and looking into it.

You cant think of it like that. If you think about it in terms of isk used versus isk farmed, youre going to lose every time, because youre not going to be able to stand gaurd 23.9 hours a day, every day.

You have to think of it more like, youre inflicting damage and making it less profitable and while doing that, you are also reporting him as a bot.

CCP does ban bots. Just cause they dont take immediate action as soon as you hit “Send”, doesnt mean they dont. They released a security update a couple months ago, detailing how many they banned recently.

CCP works hard to ban bots. But botters are smart. its a cat and mouse game, and it takes time. Be patient.

Bans take time, if they ban them at all. A Machariel, on the other hand, works instantly…

CCP does indeed take Botting very seriously, which has been said by the Security Team on many occasions, and every report of botting has to be investigated before appropriate actions can be taken. CCP does not reply to the report(s) whether of not they have taken action and what it may be, that is between CCP and the Player being investigated.

The difference can be very hard to spot if there is no responses to communication attempts.

  • Botting is not allowed
  • Multi-boxing is allowed, as long as no input-broadcasting is involved.
  • Report the player you suspect of being a Bot.
  • Nothing can really be done about Multi-boxer(s), you can report him/her if you wish but don’t expect too much.

You can attempt to disrupt the Bot/Multi-boxer’s activity by bumping the Freighter/Orca, many set the ships on “Keep at Range”

Don’t throw multiboxers into the same category as botters. I am actively running several accounts as I type this. I’m active in local, alliance, and intel chat channels. Botters are however, a pox.

inb4 multi-botters create dialogue trees so their bots engage in thoughtful, realistic discussions with eachother in local, alliance and intel channels. :wink:

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