I want to believe in CCP, but after what I saw today, it’s hard.

A guy in my corp was ratting in a system with 2 WH active, in the fking SUNDAY!

Let me explain, to people that never play the game or never rat why this is very suspicious.

Ratting is boring af, period. What happens most of the time is, we jump in with a drone boat and TRY to stay aware full time. We are humans after all, and we have needs. Add to that list GREED, we are after all greedy.

So normaly when you start ratting you are scared, you jump away every neut that comes into system, but after some time in a busy day, one must have IRON WILL to keep the jumping in and out, sometimes neuts just stay hidden in a system to make the ratter stop.

Why did I lay this context, well if you understood the picture you will figure it out that humans ratting will lose their ships now and then, PERIOD! In the long run you will lose a ship.

This guy not only have a iron will, he rats during most busy ours and NEVER lost a ratting ship!!!

Damn, I took the matter on my hand, jumped into his anomally, stayed on purpose, he opens chat, and send that foreign like phrase “Hi blah blah blah blah blah blah, please leave”. I fought myself WELL that’s a damn good krabber, and was going to reply “sry mate, let me give you the isk”. But before I was able to type a simple phrase like that he “typed” the same phrase again… I was like, wut? No matter I proceed to offer the isk back, he finished the site and warped off, no reply.

I was like, well, my bad. Tried to start a conversation 2 times, no answer., Ok anti social, then in fleet chat he appears asking me if I think he’s a bot, WEIRD?! Why not talk in private before to just throw ■■■■ in fleet chat 5 min later?

Again, if you never krabbed in null, let me draw you a picture, most of time ppl got mad just cuz you jumped in their sites and start QQ in local. I mean not everyone is equal, but the way I acted on purpose nobody would be quiet about it so easily, they either are nice and ask if you new or be rude.

So my arguments:

  • Perfect ratting even in busy ours;
  • No ship lost;
  • No communication;

Also the guy made fun of me, “let me know what CCP replyed”. That intrigued me, after CCP presentations and anti bot team I was with the impression BOTs are veeery rare by now and afraid.

To my deception, they are OPEN SOURCE IN GITHUB!!! You can fking read the forum without one account.

They clearly state: “We are not detectable, we just read memory”.

  • Their ship layouts are the same, the bot client needs passive in middle and aggressive on top;
  • They read memory, unlike humans if some memory is written but not shown in UI the computer will react to it. I know this can be trick, but can be implemented here and now to ban a lot of botters for good before they adapt.

Anyway, disapointed with the response of the botter, looks like CCP is not that good @ baning botters has they announce. At least I did not found anyone crying cuz they got banned in forums.

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Did you report them as a bot?
Because they do ban bots.

This is really dumb.

First off, most of these large scale botters don’t care. You ban a bot account, they make another one, and go right back to botting. They don’t come to the forums to cry.

Second, why do you even care about this? It’s really dumb to measure how successful your bans are by “how many people are crying on the forums here?”.


TL:DR for OP’s post: I found one suspected botter, and have now lost faith in CCP’s ability to fight botting.

CCP has actually done a remarkable job of fighting botting recently. Unfortunately, trying to completely eradicate botting is like trying to complete eradicate malaria. I mean, CCP can and should fight it, but it will be a forever war.



They tried getting rid of local. But the botters won the argument.

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If you see a bot, please report it in game. Thank you.


Yo I think instead of posting on the forums about it, you should have reported him just like all the other good people do.


how long does CCP need to ban a one day old bot that sends 23.5/7 plex scam exactly every 1.5 minutes?

Reportet with multiple alts multiple times-> no change…

Maybe they think you are a bot-reporting bot.



Just report and move on.

Don’t expect CCP to instantly ban people at your command. Also, spamming reports with multiple alts doesn’t actually help. If anything, it makes your reports LESS meaningful since CCP just flags you as a report spammer.


How do you know? Was you watching 23.5/7? Doesn’t that makes you a “bot” as well?

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I have never once received anything from CCP after reporting bots.

Then the people you’re reporting probably aren’t bots.


My killboard (and many screenshots of pods trying to run missions) says otherwise…
Trust me I know a mission bot.

My experience has been that bots don’t get caught, since they warp away to safety as soon as anything comes close. Most of my kills have been on in-attentive / slow reacting players.

Yeah, ok. Must be why you’re not getting confirmation emails from CCP then.

To be fair, most of my ‘antibotting’ campaign was over a year ago. The emails may be a more recent action from CCP. I didn’t know they sent emails.

The best way to figure out if it is a bot or not is to try to blow it up!

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Did I read the same OP that this is claimed in?

Seems like multiple communications from the guy:


Nicolai ■■■■ off <3
exacly every 1.5 min sending exacly identical text several hours several days is 10,000% bot.

yeah i just spinning my crap super in the station…oh wait…

when you report by ticket you get a reply of “ok yes we will look into it”

if you read more they will also say they cant tell you the outcome of the result of reporting so theres no “ok we looked and found this person is a bot x action has been taken”

its the same with any report, tell them someone bypassed naming convention they will say “thanks for reporting we will take a look, and we cant tell you the outcome result of your report”

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The result is they get put on my killboard!
And reported.

I see a half dozen botting in my home area right now…

I reported these bots 19 days ago, they left but came back. A little antimatter and void for them :wink:
Wanda Fayne | Character | zKillboard

If you are doubtful that they are scripted bots, this pod was still “running” missions 25 minutes after losing his ship: