Multi-Boxing Policy Inquiry

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Heh, bingo! That looks like what i was talking about. :smiley:

Thanks for linking!

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CCP won’t ban people just because they hurt your ego Erich
It’s been, what, a year since you got dunked by CODE.?

Maybe it’s time to get over it lul

(Pure Whyte) #23 Not even a year since Miniluv dunked him :slight_smile:

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It’s allowed lul

What’s not allowed is delaying beyond that i.e. dropping a ton of shuttles and whatnot :joy:

You’d think little anti-gankers would be more clever than that tbh

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One would think people would be smart enough to figure out that, when it’s written right there on the webpage, that it is most likely not illegal, else CCP would have ran all over you guys.

@Arcanith_Lionheart hmmm? :slight_smile:

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As has been mentioned here, it’s very possible with some creative keyboard mapping, and some preparation of the UI. And you will occasionally see someone who’s multiboxing DPS in this way fail to lock or fail to fire on one or more of their clients, because of how fast they are going.

Having you overview prepared, and possibly having some of the keys mapped to extra buttons on the mouse will certainly help with that. Knowing a few things about how the UI works will also help, because the EVE client itself will combine certain actions like locking, approaching, and activating prefired modules. Mind you, this sort of thing isn’t just useful for suicide ganking, it’s also how a few people still multibox bombers very effectively without broadcasting.

There’s been twitch streams of this in the past showing exactly how quickly it can be done, someone’s probably made a youtube video of them somewhere.

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I thought that threads like this had died with the old forums :wink:

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is there a way of having a omega and a alfa logged in at same time but on different laptops? - they are probably sharing the same IP from my home - is this ilegal?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #29

According to what I read it is not advised, you are only allowed to use multiple characters if you have all Omega, theres no way in knowing if people use a simulated pc box or something for their benefit.

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Also remember that ccp bans the characters and not the person, which is really useful :slight_smile:

(Erich Einstein) #31

It’s funny that the first sentence in your program mention state that it is “a tool to that helps you…”. Specifically if you read line 21 of the TOS, its states “No Extras or Tools”. Just watch the video and its clear that tools are being used.

But that is not the real issue here, because that is not what you are doing. Post a video of your keyboard, mouse and monitor and show that you can window switch as fast as the video does and conversation over.

(Dom Arkaral) #32

This is how multiboxers multibox

Git rekt

(whoknowswhat Dallocort) #33

I think it’s time someone complained about multiboxing mining fleets. We’ve never had that discussion yet.

(Dom Arkaral) #34

why complain about them? it’s not like they ruin highsec carebears’ days

Those pvp multiboxers tho, all using illegal software /s

(Arcanith Lionheart) #35

To be fair I would like to find an Ice belt for once since those don’t spawn randomly without worrying about logging in the very moment maintenance is done, they always have a static spawn when it comes to the system and don’t seem to move around like anomalies and signatures do

(Bjorn Tyrson) #36

Go literally anywhere that’s not HS and you will have ice belts for days.

(Erich Einstein) #37

There are so many things wrong with that video it’s not even funny.

  1. He is switching through only a few of all the windows but all of his characters are blinking and way more than 4-5 warp scram notifications are scrolling. He seems to be using a combination of window switching and input broadcasting. Ideally, he would have 2-3 squadrons setup and only one squadron is controlled while the other two mimic inputs.

  2. TOS line 21 specifically states “nor will you try to create or use any third party add-ons, extras or tools for the game.” This is not standard OS switching. This window switching is third-party software created specifically to enhance control of eve-online. The first line in the software linked above even says… “The purpose of this tool is to provide…”

If CCP allows use of this software, they are saying that everyone must download and use this software to be on the same level playing field when window switching multiple characters because you can not do this on any standard OS without game-improvement software.

Now CCP is encouraging that I install untrusted third-party software that does who knows what behind the scenes on my machine just so that I can have a fair chance playing against other multi-boxes who decide to use this third-party software.

Strictly speaking, use of this software is against the TOS that CCP has created. CCP picking and choosing who has to follow these rules and making exceptions to the rules when others are admitting breaking them shows very poor management and dev practices. I.E. “Well… although this is third-party software for EVE window switching, it does encourages more account subscriptions and who doesn’t love seeing 100bil+ isk in freighter wreaks in a given day by a single character…LUL” …so just let them use it since even though it technically violates line 21 of the TOS.

Now that I have had my fun, the original OP was specifically about asking what is allowed and what is not in terms of third-party software. Now that I know third party window switching is on the table, what else can I get away with.

I don’t see that it would be against the TOS to run a set of raspberry pi like devices, each running an alpha account on a separate machine, using a splitter that connects to a single keyboard and mouse. I don’t see anywhere in the TOS that you cant parallelize hardware… after all it is only hooking up hardware in a specific way. No third-party software is even needed. Let me know your thoughts. I need to start wrecking freighters so that I can fund all of my many solo lowsec operations.

A set of gankers to go with my SWOOP SALVAGE ninja looters would be perfect.

(Dom Arkaral) #38

you only see him swapping through whichever toons he used…

Stop trying to justify your own inability at understanding that lol

Besides, CCP would have banned him and any other multiboxer if they were using broadcasting abilities :wink:

Ty for showing you’re as clueless about ganking as you were about stealing :poop: drops XD (while the good stuff was already secured :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )

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umm… no you don’t! I specifically just said that there were way more warp disrupts by his characters than windows switched to.

(Dom Arkaral) #40

You can hear 4

your security status has been lowered

He scrolls through 4 windows.

but to the untrained ear,

there were way more warp disrupts by his characters than windows switched to