'The Whaler' - This is the Future of EVE, and it's not what I expected to be

Well, I found a Youtube video that pretty much predicts the play style that EVE is and will be for the rest of it’s existence, and it’s not what I had expected.

I do not criticize the video’s author for it’s play style but rather applaud the player’s ingenuity and adaptation around EVE’s ever changing play elements. But at the end of the day multiboxing is not my thing, and it’s just simply going to dominate the game. Simply put, you can’t beat this style of playing so it will eventually force the single player out of the game all together.

Disclaimer: My posting of this YT video is not to be construed as an endorsement for the player’s nomination for CSM.


And no. You cannot have my stuff.

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Blah, blah, blah.

That’s his opinion and quite frankly, I hope he doesn’t get elected to the CSM.

More importantly, I’m glad I didn’t vote for him.


I did. He’s one of the smartest Eve players I’v ever seen and embodies the true spirit of what the game should be and how to play it.


Maybe you should meet more Eve players.

Anyway, that’s your opinion and you’re welcome to have it.

However I’m still glad I didn’t vote for him.


#1 On my ticket.

We need CSMs that will advocate for more risk in the game, for everyone.



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CSM should be abolished.


That’s certainly a popular opinion too and I can respect that.


And that’s fine. Eve isn’t for everyone.

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Why won’t the “single account player” not find a few friends and they help each other?
Why doesn’t the single account player just enjoy playing with one account and who are you to decide that others might not like playing with a single account?

Nice bait, mate. #BanTrollz


Gotta love when someone puts huge dent’s in nullblob alliance’s +1 and yea I voted for him too, him and stitch they both rock.

I also have only one account I play with.
And I think it’s absolutely viable. Of course it helps to have second pair of eyes to work for you. But it’s no necessity to have fun, just more reason to group up with others. It’s an MMO after all.

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It’s about economics. The single player or the player with a few premium accounts is likely one who will sub an Omega account with a paid subscription. The multiboxer likely is not, because it would be financially impractical to sub so many accounts. Hence, the multiboxer leverages in game resources on a large scale to sustain their sub accounts, this is whether they are mining or ganking.

If a group of single players organized and became successful they would likely draw the attention of multiboxers who would compete against them, for example three multiboxers with maybe five ships each could easily take three single players on having only one ship each.

What it comes down to then are premium subscription payers are paying the cost to multiboxers to play their game style, and the only way to compete against them is to adapt the multiboxing play style, which would then make paying for premium subscription pointless if they can sustain their sub through in game Isk making.


Once you go 2 accounts, you never go back. I felt skeptical about 2 monitors when I still had flatscreen non HD’s.
But after a few weeks of being able to scout and such? Never go back.


How do you support your accounts, if I might ask? Do you pay a premium sub for both, or do you rely on in game Isk making to sustain either one of them?

Me, I sub one Omega account with a paid subscription, but I also have an Alpha account. However, one is not allowed to multibox with Alpha accounts (its against CCP’s EULA)


We need LESS risk.

The continued focus on pvp has shoved down the player numbers down for years now.

About time for another approach.

Bittervets that demand more entitlement aka more possibilities to force others into a gameplay they don’t like or want are to be ignored.


Hi Balos.

/awaits the inevitable denial


It is amazing how many people seem to misunderstand the very simple concept of how plexing accounts benefits CCP and the game. Often many will even misattribute some sort of moral superiority to those who pay a subscription over players who plex their account(s).

It’s quite basic:
PLEX enters the game because people buy it - for real money, remember - from CCP…because they want to sell it for ingame money…because players wanting to use PLEX for game time create the demand…for people buying PLEX - for that real money - from CCP.
So players paying a subscription for their gametime directly to CCP and people using PLEX for their gametime - which were purchased at some point for real money from CCP, remember - are one step apart only. (As a matter of fact, since a PLEX costs more real money than a subscription, players who plex their account(s) actually contribute more real money to CCP than if they paid a subscription).

How do so many not grasp this?


Because Everyone’s a Winner

Excuse me while I upload :face_vomiting: