EVE MULTIPLE characters gamestyle

Hello I am Maturin and I would like to share my thoughts about game state and some potential changes to gameplay.
Iam from Poland and engish is my second language so sorry for any miss-spelings.
Iam aware that my idea is little bit crazy in scope of chages but please here me out.

I think everyone is aware of problems that EVE have, lack of new players, content that is not very interesting becouse they are re-skining the same ideas over and over. Moust of people multiboxing in PvE/PvP/Mining, taking advantage over new players what is preventing them from having fun and stay for longer becouse you need literly years to catch up to others.
Every time when Iam loging into game and I see this information how many player is online and it tell me that there is 22 000 ppl online, I think: how many actual players there is? half? 60%? how many account there is online of multiboxers just in null sec, scouts that are siting cloacked in every system every day just to track movment in local, how many accounts is siting in every trade hub just to track prices etc how many of those accounts are only empty shels used for some silly reson, meaby more of actual individual players? (I would like to rly know this number)

And with this in mind I was thinkin what would made me think about EVE as something that is exepctional in it concept and it is fun, unfortunetly I found out that not much there is to be made without deep mechanic/gameplay changes.
What? new ships ? new skins? new event with dr WHO to kill npc in abyss site, new drone event with the same? or meaby next time it will be Donald Trump event to be more spicy? how many times the same idea will be fun, how many years those ideas are in game but now they are having new name and new color ?

My idea is to change gameplay drastically, how you ask? well if everyone in this game is multiboxing meaby what realy people want from this game is to have multiple pilots to manage ?
Meaby EVE online should go in direction of having multiple pilots as a fleet wher you are training every skill that you pilot is having, manage every module of ships in fleet.
Meaby this is ultimate grand strategy for eve that will take it away from commpetitiors like star citizen, elite dengerous, one man sky, with new engines for graphics more advance in-game flight systems etc

I dont want to scrap everything what is made in this game so far I woud rather use it as foundations to drasticly expand mechanics in eve.
We have 3 characters per account alredy, we have posibilities to manage fleets of ships we have basic AI for drones fighter that we can use to give basic behaviors to our fleet ships etc
What we are lacking ? Engine change that will allow to have all characters from single account loged in at once and UI to manage and give orders to your ships from one window!

I see future of EVE as a game where you login with all your charaters, they are specilized in some way in your party and you just give them orders go thro this gate, fly this direction with tactical view that we have in game alredy, while you are fighting you are focused more on managing fleet formation with bechavior more like a carrier fighter(chose ammo x, orbit target at range, fly in formation this direction ) , carriers and titans could be, a ships where to fly one you need to have 2 or 3 plots in one ship becouse how masive they are juts to ffsce their firepower etc

we dont even need to change how accounts are working right now, still we need to have omega, still we would need to buy multiple pilot training license if we want to train all pilots at once (this would give CCP money for accounts that were bying multiple omega accounts)

If CCP is afraid of this changes they can have new server runing next to single pilot one and see what ppl will chose

We can stay with curent EVE Online, but if we stay, in future there will be only more mechanics to get money from pockets of player and only less and less actual ppl to play with…
Hope someone will read this :wink:
I will try to post it in few more places where eve comunity is gathering or meaby even send this out to some eve youtubers to ask about comment or feed back from viewers.
Let me know what do you think thanks

This doesn’t stop someone with multiple accounts from controlling more characters than someone with one account.

It just changes 3v1 to 9v3.

well this change would give excuset for CCP to stop supporting idea of having multiple account as it is right now, with this change they could tell that multiboxing is no longer allowed and prohibitied this woud drastickly reduce amount of players that is playing like this what would be beneficial overal for a game and still this change woud uplift economy becouse more ships would be destroyed in each fight

You mean drastically increase right?

Your idea makes multi-boxing the norm. There’s also no reason for CCP to stop people using more than one account. It’s still more money for them.

Not as much as you think it will. But it will add a crap ton of mining and ratting. Bringing back the same problems we just got rid of in scarcity.

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