Working for 2 accounts

I saw people playing with many accounts and if you have enough money it must be fun for sure to manage them all, but i cannot affiod that much accounts. My question is: is it possible to fly a skiff and have enough mining power with normal ore in highsec, to feed 2 accounts in one month ?
1 as miner, and 1 as hauler.
I am very often and long online, since i live a lone and can play except the time i’m sleeping.
Would be kind to help me further in this, 1000 plex / month are not that easy to get i guess.
I dream of having a hulk and a hauler but in most systems they are hunted gy gankers i think at least. Maybe i see that to critical. I play in Amarr high sec.

In highsec it will be very hard. You should start as Omega to get the skills which help you to earn enough before you need the ISK.
Also you should leave trade hubs. E.g. Kador or Devoid are not that crowded and gankers get bored there. And in the end you will be surprised how much more you can earn in Nullsec or WH-Space.

But first of all: Get used to the game. Dreams are changing quite often :slight_smile:

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Yes, well i played years a go a while, so i know a bit. Nullsec is not my cup of tea because i cannot sit and watch the screen all the time. I love the game and the graphics but i don’t play it like i play games as i was young, soaking every detail into me and enjoy it…in nullsec i need much to much attention i fear.
My playstile is that i read sites and have the sound of the game loud, so i hear if rats appear…its absolutely inacceptable for pvp-playstile but i cannot play different, i would not have fun then, sorry but its just true, many will hate me now and would love to gank my hulk if i would have one, or the skills for it.
I’m the typical carebear, loving the graphics, the music, the engine, sitting in a ship in space, far from earth:)
Actually i’m still omega and what you suggested i actually do, have the most important skills already injected, also basic implants(the ones with +3), sitting in my venture with miners II running.

Years ago i had gankers blast my hulk(but taht was in gallente space in a very crowded central area) and thats why i thought about using a skiff, but its pretty slow compared to a hulk. But for a hulk you need a hauler, for a skiff eventually not, it has a larger ore hold and mines not that much(i think 33% lesser ?).

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Your best bet is to mine ice in a tanked Skiff and bustard in high sec. 99% of gankers won’t bother with a properly tanked Skiff or Bustard. You will need to mine enough to earn roughly 3 billion ISK per month in order to PLEX both accounts.

If you AFK in a Mackinaw or Hulk, you will get shanked, and rightfully so…

Thanks for the hint with the ships, so do you think a skiff and a bustard(2 accounts) could do 3 billion isk in a normal mine belt, selling compressed ore at a trade hub ? Cause i tried ice-belts already and i cannot do that, that running and rivalism until the belt is sucked dry is tedious to me.

Yes i understand that very very often mentioned logics. When you have to work hard for your ingame money, why should others have easy times and be afk or semi-afk in a mine-belt. They need punishment.

Skiff + porpoise would be wayyy better than a hauler. The porpoise doubles as a miner and a hauler and you can fit a decent tank on it.
Thats what I run in Syndicate semi-afk and it works well.

OP, look into NPC null or lowsec high end moon mining. I Pull in 3 bil a month using a procurer and a porpoise by mining 4 hours a week while doing other stuff like homework or netflix.

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Really? I mean it doesn’t sound completely unreasonable but everything I’ve ever heard about mining suggests nobody is making 3 Billion ISK with 16 Hrs worth of mining without a Rorqual. Never mined tho, so feel free to educate me :smiley:

2x Procurer or Procurer + porpoise will get you about 2000 m3/min of ore with medium skills.

R64 ores like Monazite are going for about 1,800 ISK/m3 at 80% refine:

So you’re making:
Or ~70mil ticks (35 per account)

If you’re lucky and hit a rare shining deposit, double that.

You want a miner and a booster like porpoise /orca

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When playing multiple accounts, you want some sort of synergy between the accounts. Basically, your two accounts should be able to make more ISK together (or get more kills together, or whatever metric you use) than two separate accounts playing individually (synergy: 1 + 1 = 3.)

With mining this can happen the moment a boosting alt (porpoise, orca, rorqual) becomes more valuable to the mining effort than a single miner. (something like 4 miners + booster mine more than 5 miners…)

With combat sites this can happen when the combined dps/tank of your two site runners allow you to clear more valuable sites. For example, a single rattlesnake can run class 3 wormhole sites, two rattlesnakes can run class 5 wormhole sites, the c5 sites give more than twice the ISK/hr than the c3 sites. (I’m sure there’s a comparable mission/anom/whatever running example available for high sec… I’m just going with what I know…)

So ask yourself, how is your alt going to help your main?

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thanks for the cool suggestions you guys made, so i could either make 2 accounts for pve-missions, which is not my thing because i never was great when i have to handle several things fast, in short time frames, interesting point tough, sounds like there is much money in it
The other idea i like much more, the rorqual and a skiff in high sec, would that be worth it `?

I think you mean skiff + porpoise/orca?

Sorry, yes, the porpoise i mean :smiley:
To ask more clear, porpoise and procurer are the cheap way to try out nullsec without losing to much when they blast you, that right ?

You don’t need 1000 PLEX per month. You can sell the SP you train on the accounts using Skill Extractors to cover most of it. You won’t be able to accumulate much in the way of new skills, but mining doesn’t take many SP and it sounds like you already have the mining skills trained.

With the current market, with +5 training implants you basically can play basically for free.

Correct, thats what I run because sometimes im AFK for a bit, if I lose my 70mil fleet oh well (Hasnt happened ‘yet’ :stuck_out_tongue: )

Take into account that CODE might bump/suicide gank you and you have limited retalliation options. I suggest you take the two characters into Ascendance or Karmafleet and follow Gooniversity to become good organised. Once you have learned all mechanics you can decide to either remain in nullsec or leave and return to highsec. You will have to assist in the defense effort once a month but can freely mine and do PI or rat to get ISK for plexing. Other large corps have compareable offers.

You also have the option of using the 2nd and 3rd characters on each account for passive income. It takes about 2 weeks to train PI skills to level 4. This can cover 30%-50% of your subscription even if you sell to buy orders. You will need to invest some time managing your colonies and harvesting but it’s a few minutes/week/colony.

Well, as intersting as low/nullsec might be, its to negative for me, all that ganking and hate(on both sides) and losing ships for nohting. I would love to be there if there are extremely dangerous and hard pve-mobs, but with humans behind its just ugly, so i stay in highsec bettter.
So when i use a porpoise, can i secure a hulk then with it, until concord arrives, say in 0.5 ? Or do i need a orca for that `? Both would be high skilled in defense naturally.

Or is hulk a no-chance to secure and i should go for a skiff-porpoise or skiff-orca combo ?

If by secure you mean placing in a ship maintenance bay, only the Orca has that, not the Porpoise.

No i mean skilling shield-skills up, use tank fits(if possible at hulk), using shield buffs orca has, not sure if propoise has also.