Can i make money mining in high sec?

i just returned to the game after not playing since 2016. i use to be in widot, and other pvp corps. i just want to play eve very casually so i dont get burned out. i would like to know if high sec mining with one barge is worth it? i really dont want to go to null cuz i dont want to have to pay hardcore attention to local/intel channels. have to pvp etc. i always get burned out because i had to constantly farm for isk to pay for my plex and pvp all the time.


" i just want to play eve very casually"

So that means that you are not trying to play to PLEX your account then?

yeah i dont need to plex my account right now.

Then 100% so what you absolutely want to do…you are in the best position for this so take advantage of that. Mine? Have a blast! Explore? Go for it…PvP or PvE? Fill yuor boots…

Only you can say what is worth it to you in this scenario as it’s 100% about your enjoyment. Just be honest with yourself and start down that path.


You won’t be able to PLEX an account with casual solo mining income in highsec but it is a reasonably low risk, low workload activity - particularly if you choose a backwater system far away from major trade hubs. You can increase your income without significantly increasing your workload by setting up PI colonies. You can manage most industrial activity just as effectively from the cockpit of a mining barge, or Orca, as you can sitting in a station.


You can plex an account with high sec farming but it would take a huge time investment and you’d have little left over for anything else.

High sec mining is profitable. It’s not the most profitable thing you can do in high sec, but if you just wanna do something relatively low key and make some ISK it’s fine.

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The key with mining and ISK in HS is that you will quickly realize that with just a bit more effort, the ore becomes more valuable once refined…and more valuable when made into something…and then more when those pieces and built into something bigger…

Pretty soon you are running a 2 account, 6 toon corp…

Nice and casual :rofl:


To be honest most of the time ore is more valuable compressed. But in principle you’re right :+1:t2:

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The last time I checked, there were very few things that seemed to be worth more than compressed ore. Anything I looked at manufacturing with it ended up with a finished product that was worth less than the ore.

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Anything that makes lots of isk… unfortunately isnt in the category of casual I’m afraid.
Can you make money in high sec. Sure …
but you better get grinding and if your easy to get burt out…well I dont see it going well.
Hopefully find something fun that you enjoy

Can I make money mining in high sec?


Can I make money sitting on the street, begging?


See where I’m going with this?

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But ore I mine myself is free

You just can’t compete with stupid, @Xeux.

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Word of advice from what was once a very sporadic on/off player:
Don’t let anyone tell you how to play the game. Do what’s fun for you and you FIRST.

There’s no point being miserable mining for hours on end if you really just wanted to shoot ■■■■.
There’s no point getting frustrated with pvp mechanics if you would have more fun exploring in dangerous space.
There’s no point in doing faction wars if you think null wars are more exciting.

Play for YOU FIRST or else you’ll be playing for all the wrong reasons.


I frequently mine in an Orca in the mornings on weekends. While the drones are doing their thing, I can read the forums, update PI programs, plus other industry and/or market activities on a different screen. This morning I mined for roughly 2 hours before getting hungry and stopping for breakfast. I harvested 160K m3 of ore - a random mix of veldspar, scordite and plagioclase - whatever was closest to the ship. The game estimated the value of my ore at 30 million ISK. That will give you an idea what’s possible with a single ship in highsec. I want something I can multitask - mining is in addition to other activity in the game, not instead of. The Orca is perfect for that.


Know the feeling, started mining, then a bit of building now mining like mad to supply my freighter building

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Yep…Then you want more ore so you get another account…and another…and another…on and now you have a fleet so you need another account for a fleet support ship…etc…

Thanks CCP…inner city drug deals could learn a lot from you folks… :joy:


That’s a great goal to have. :slight_smile:

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Did you buy your permit, miner?

I got mine right here ,l,.


You’re expressing profanity through punctuation, but I really do raise a pertinent point - when mining in high sec (particularly as a newbie) CODE should at least be a consideration when planning what to do