So to log in on 2 accounts both need a sub? What's my best option ISK out of this?

One of my accounts can use a mining barge and is 2 hours off at least being able to sit in an Orca apparently, thing is if I use one mining barge and one hauler or maybe Orca in high sec the barge or Orca needs the Omega to use the ship but it seems the game says Alpha can’t log in with any other account so my hauler will need a sub too? Frankly idk if I can make enough ISK to pay for my 2 accounts subs in high sec :frowning: or how long it would take if I could so idk what my best option is?

I don’t really care about having multiple accounts but last I played it seemed like hauler made it so much easier. Are missions better ISK than solo mining?

I have a Noctis or destroyer for salvaging and a Drake I can do missions on but I also have the skills kinda for a Raven though maybe not high enough to be good idk but i’m kinda in the awkward spot where I was buying plex and having my caldari navy ravens die in L4 missions so I had a negative income so idk if I should go with the raven or the drake atm tbh.

Last time I played was years ago before F2P really.

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Alphas cannot log in simultaneously with other accounts on the same machine. No mutliboxing for free, I’m afraid.

Yes. So are abyssal sites. Almost everything except Planetary Interaction pays better than solo mining in highsec.

Idk what abyssal sites are, don’t think they existed last time I played xD

Sadly in 0.0 I find my ships die faster than I make ISK and also I can’t buy anything since the stations don’t have the items and I end up with no ship and nothing to do for weeks while I wait for corps to frieght my stuff to thier 0.0 area and while i’m waiting I get kicked from corp for not logging in when all I had was a pod in 0.0 lol

The 0.0 areas i’ve been in get reds in them alot :frowning: by the time I see a red in chat they are already attacking me lol

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Sovereign null is not worth bothering with. Just fly to highsec, buy a ship, then go to lowsec and find a wormhole. Profit.

Sadly the process for finding wormholes is confusing to me plus I couldn’t take my combat ship and then come back and salvage easily I imagine. Plus the few times I enter lowsec I just straight up lose my ship to another player :frowning:

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Really? I hardly ever see anybody in lowsec outside of the faction warfare systems.

You can have 3 characters on an Omega account and you can train them for a background activity like PI in a couple of weeks. At that point, they don’t need to be logged in to make ISK. While PI in highsec won’t make you rich, it does provide a reasonable return for the effort you invest.

The Orca is it’s own hauler - you really don’t need a second account. With 3 characters doing PI and 1 mining in an Orca, you are getting close to your PLEX. Research and manufacturing are also background tasks - you only need to login to submit and deliver jobs. It will take time and effort to find profitable T1 items to manufacture, but they do exist - and it adds another income stream. While the minerals you mine are not free - they’re usually (but not always) worth more if you use them to build something - there’s a reason they call Eve spreadsheets in space!

I’ll give 1 example: It requires a bit more skill than most T1 items but it’s profitable if you buy all the materials from Jita sell orders and even more profitable if you harvest some of the minerals and PI.

Some of us are here for the economic simulation - we like to make stuff. Some are here for the military simulation - they like to blow stuff up. Eve needs both. Just make sure you enjoy whatever you choose to do in the game - don’t turn it into a second job.

What’s PI ?
Remember you’re posting in new players thread.
You all are using those letters I have no clue what they mean. Not very useful to new players.

I have a hart time understanding all those posts because you all don’t want to spell out those words :frowning:


PI is planetary interaction. Recently renamed planetary production to add even more confusion.

If you want to use the 2nd & 3rd character slots on your account for PI this is a guide:

In general, if there is something you don’t understand, the Eve University wiki is a good place to look for answers.


Thanks a lot.

and google
“eve” + “PI”
first link: “
try to hftu a bit and quickly?
try to “harden the ■■■■ up” quickly?

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As an alpha character I’d advice to take a look at trading, the reason is that this is one of the few ‘offline’ careers open to alpha accounts and with 3 characters all trading you will be able to have 17*3 (51) orders up simultaneously.

It’s perhaps not the most ‘fun’ way of playing but since it can be done in such short amount of time each session it leaves you time to do other stuff you like in game.

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