Need Some Serious Advice

Ok so… I’ve playing on and off since 2015. I consider myself an Indy Player - I prefer that aspect of the game. When the time calls for it (ie: My Corp / Alliance needs me), I do help PVP.

Recently I had to shut down 2 of my accounts due to not making the ISK to pay for them.
This account has until Sept 15th to make enough ISK to pay for it, or I will be forced to quit - again, for some time.

I’ve already tried selling my other two characters on the Character Bazaar and I was even offered 8bil for both, which I would take - but apparently there is some rule stating I have to pay for the transfer. If I could pay for the transfer I would not be interested in selling the characters (common sense).

With that being said here’s my issue:

ISK - I need to know HTF to make it. I am based out in Null Sec, My main thing is Exploration (WHs, Probing, Salvage, etc… you name it, I do it).

Here’s other things I’ve tried:
PI - too slow of an income (hence passive income)
Mining - too slow with just 1 account
Ratting - too risky, nothing under 100mil can rat in Null Sec (in a timely manner)
High Sec Hauling - requires isk to make isk.

I am down to 215mil ISK. I need ADVICE!!

Long Term Goal:
Accounts: 1 Account
Doing: 1 Character Exp/PI/Ratting/PVP, 1 Character Hauling

Cost (ISK):
4 Skill Extractors or Injectors (roughly 380mil each)
1000 Plex (roughly 3mil each)

Total: 4,520,000,000 isk

Thank You,

Unless you make like 50 cents per hour, then pay the sub with $$$


Data and relic exploration is very much RNG for loot. You can run them all day and end up with scraps, or hit one and get a large payout. Just keep trying!

If you want something more reliable then anom ratting would do it. You’d just have to factor in a couple of ship losses as they’re bound to happen at some point. This can be minimised by being alert, though (as I’m sure you are if you’re successfully running WH and null exploration sites).

As I said in the above post, I don’t have the money. That is why I shut down the other 2 accounts.

As my above posts states, I have tried Ratting, it’s too risky without having the income to replace said ships in the first place. Nothing under 100mil can successfully rat in Null Sec in a timely manner.

Risk is part of the game though!

What were you doing in PI? were your CC Upgrades at least IV? What I do is extract the highest value P1 and sell that. I don’t bother with taking it higher than that because it gets alty

I make money doing escalations, PI, relic sites, C1 Sleeper sites… money is pretty good from that but I don’t think much in terms of ISK/hr. Always thought that kind of silly

Being in null, I’d seriously look into carrier ratting. So wish I could do that

Yes, I read that. What I was getting at by saying “factor in a couple of ship losses” is “rat harder”.

If you make more money than what your ship cost you, anything after that is profit. Just keep it alive long enough and you’re winning.

There is nothing risk free in EVE, it’s up to you to minimise the risk and get the things done that you want to get done.

Honestly, I don’t think you are playing a game. You are working. When a game feels like work, it’s time to quit.

So, that’d be my advice, step away from the game until you are able to afford 15 dollars a month.


Right, and what I was getting at, is you telling me to go rat and factor in the isk cost.
I don’t have the isk to factor it in, so it does me no good.

Wont ever happen, any game that has an aspect to play free, I always take the free option. Lol

Everything PI was (skill) is 5. The CCs are always upgraded to 5.

You probably realize by now, that nothing is really free. :wink:


Play the game for free?! ok, where is the problem then? why are you shutting your accounts down?! You can play as Alpha as long you want, you dont need to sub them!

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You can actually make enough ISK to sub with an alpha toon doing hi sec combat sites for the expeditions & selling the faction loot so I can’t see your problem?

Inside a month if you have the time to grind. Or just take your time save up & re-sub your account with the best earning potential in a couple or three months.

So just take an alpha sabbatical while you save up some ISk.

Since alpha has come out this attitude is just daft :roll_eyes:

Think again, one hi sec account with 3 fully skilled PI & market trading (you gotta sell the PI products after all) toons with R&D agents on the side should easily pay for itself & then some… hence passive is an advantage as you don’t need to spend much time on them once it’s set up.

If you want to max their passive income max out their industry & science (for BPO research) as well.

Train one of the 3 for maximum alpha combat skills also & use it to run combat & DED sites any time your sub drops & you’ll spend less time alpha.


And once all 3 are all fully skilled for those passive incomes you get one of them the appropriate top tier training implants (not one you’ll ever undock) & skill farm him.


If you live in null then you should be able to make good isk

Exploration: I pulled 150m isk from about 5 sites recently in null, train to T2 modules if youve not done so already

PI: with 1 account you can have 3 toons, train the other up to do PI if you have not alreay, that a couple hundred mil a month if researched right.

Belt rat, you dont need a a massively expensive ship to belt rat, could do it in a battle cruiser or a VNI

Buy a BPO and make stuff locally that is needed and sell for a profit.

If you cannot make isk in null you’re doing it wrong, that is the one thing null is good for

I thought research agents didn’t pay enough to bother with?

I do not understand the costs listed in your goals. One account requires 500 plex not 1000, the total would seem to be about 1.5B/month and not the 4.5B you listed. So that’s 2/3rd’s handled. No idea why you mention skill injectors if you can’t earn enough for the account.

You stated mining is too slow and I agree, never mind that. PI is too slow, what does that mean? It does require some attention but will definitely throw off ISK. Maybe you can only make 500M/month with 3 characters, I think that is easily achievable and again provides 1/3 of the goal.

So now it’s “only” 1B required to stay omega. No one has mentioned station trading, and while it’s not as tedious as mining you might not like it, but it’s another easy way to make some ISK. My point is you should do what you can to whittle down the goal. Worst case you could extract and sell some skill points, which would suck as you’d progress slower, but meet the goal. Speaking of this, I wanted to be sure and mention, those characters you couldn’t sell apparently have a lot of SP’s which you could extract and sell easily.

Finally, and what I came here to say, you mention hauling a couple of times. If I were you I would set a medium-term goal of getting a freighter and working for Red Frog. A space trucker with some time and ambition can easily cover the cost of the plex.

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It’s on the side & completely passive ISK so what does it matter if it doesn’t?

As long as they’re sitting in station doing PI & industry you might as well have them do that as well.

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Then I have no help for you. Be a big boy and pay for a sub or keep working at Eve like a job.

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Because Alpha’s cant do anything worth whiled for fun, and most Corps don’t like Alpha’s in their Corp bc they cant fly anything that helps LOL.