Need Some Serious Advice

DPS however small is always a help & if nothing else there’s always logi.

If you’re too much of a snob to slum as an alpha while you grind some ISK just pay (a suggestion you’ve already expressed dissatisfaction with), or go find another game.

That aside you’ve dismissed all suggestions on all sides of the coin now.

You won’t pay, won’t be alpha, can’t make ISK to sub & don’t want to walk away from the game.

Those are all the available options… so at this point I’m just assuming you’re trolling :roll_eyes::smirk:


I do PI in null with two toons. 20-30 minutes a day gives me about 420MIllion Isk a week. That gives you a whole lot of free time to do whatever else to make more Isk.

Plex sale right now 25% off. You Can buy 240 plex for $7.50. That’s around 700 million Isk to jump start yourself.

If you can’t handle $7.50…sell crap on eBay or Craigslist…

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I’m sticking as an alpha for the time being due to time constraints.

The PI jobs can be started and ran as an alpha, you just can’t make new planets or read the hot spots to make adjustments. But if you set up ur planets properly that’s free isk sitting waiting for you, no adjustments and no rush on it.

I’m filling all my silos and placing more to fill up I’m hopping when I finally get around to subbing I’ll have a few bil sitting on my planets waiting for me to pick up.

I’m in high sec so it’s no super big deal on rushing, I turn off an extra head for power to place extra silos and fill them up.

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AFAIK, you are not able to export stuff from planets as an Alpha. PI is not an income option for Alphas.

Yup. This is true, forgot about that.

Overall, I feel it’s kind of sad to see people clinging onto this “free” sub and struggle to make their ends meet.

As I said earlier, I don’t feel he is playing a game. He is working in the game. He can’t even pvp or take greater risks due to being unable to afford to lose anything.
It feels like low-end life more than anything else.


I would be more then happy to “slum as an alpha” if it got me anywhere in game.

It doesn’t - I’ve done it before, and again - every corp I come across won’t allow Alpha’s into the corp because they cant do anything.

I am not being a snob, nor have I dismissed the suggestions, I have just stated that I am ALREADY doing these things and they ARE NOT bringing in any ISK.

It’s been suggested that I Ratt…
I do rat, DAILY, it brings me nothing but dead ships…
It’s been suggested that I do PI…
I do PI, DAILY, it brings me nothing but SMALL isk I cant do ■■■■ with.
It’s been suggested I explore…
I do explore, I explore 2 hours a day - I don’t make ANYTHING from it. It all goes back into having to refit my ships I keep loosing trying to rat and explore - thus NOT making a profit.

Those are the only suggestions I’ve seen so far, with a lot of people just repeating the SAME suggestions.

yeah he cant even afford a 100m isk ship to rat anoms in
even an oracle can rat anoms
you cant afford a t1 bc

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Nor can you take the PI off the planets - I’ve tried. It wont let me.

Lol, I have nothing to sell.

Ok you say you make 420mil ISK a week with PI.
Can you be more specific? This is a general answer and does not tell me anything.
HOW are you making it? I do PI for T2 stuff on 1 character in Null and he nets MAYBE 3mil a week.

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LOL, focus on one thing! Rating plus PI, exploration plus PI etc. Exploration needs patience. You may find nothing by days and in hour make sub.

Stop trolling and complaining when everyone give you right answers. You won’t make sub if you what spend 1h per day solo. Stay alpha or change game if you can’t give it more time to enjoy it. This is game not work. And you make from it your second job.

Just do in eve what you enjoy. Even alpha ninja gas make more isk/h than my full skilled barge miner. Alpha’s can do anything and make decent amount of isk. It’s not so hard to make sub with 30 days as alpha if you know how do things you like.

You can even buy researched t1 industry BPO and make great passive income as alpha. Yes t1 industry can give good profit if doing right things.

You make something wrong. It’s really hard to not make such isk even in t0 hisec PI. See some youtube guides to see how make PI effective.

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No PI can’t leave planets as an alpha, but you can operate your PI and run your mining program.

When you sub at a later date it will all be there to cash in.

I think of it as a saving account, it will be there building up till you can cash it out.


you know you can also extract the sp and sell it for isk right

OK, as I already said.

I made over one billion ISK in the last two weeks doing hi sec expeditions & DED sites with an alpha toon in a Vexor fitted with T1 mods… not a VNI, just a Vexor.

I expect at least 20 million per expedition or DED site & more than one has dropped loot worth over 100 million.

I didn’t lose a single ship during that time… to my ISK making activities :wink:

So if you can’t operate successfully with the risks inherent in nul sec maybe you should start a new neutral (meaning don’t join a player corp with it) hi sec alt to help fund your corporate nul sec life?

Of course not :roll_eyes:

That suggestion isn’t for while you’re an alpha toon it’s for when you’re subbed to help reduce the amount of ISK you need to earn in other ways to stay subbed.

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If my math is right. He need about 6 bil for extractors to get that SP on market. And get about 6.5 - 7 bil profit. Of course if he wait to push them by sell orders.

(calculated on prices from jita atm.)

only costs 350m for one extractor
that nets you enough to buy the next 1-2 extractors

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I see it this way. You can try to raise enough to PLEX your accounts every month by grinding incursions, grinding rats and sites in nullsec, or generally grinding to raise the ISK every month for each account…


You could pay a monthly sub to CCP, relax and get to keep the ISK you make for yourself to buy shinies and anything else you like, instead of blowing it all on PLEX.

Maybe your doing it wrong?
I rat in a VNI, if i do a rough estimate i get about 100mill for 4 hours of ratting, sure thats a bit painfull but i am doing it, because im training into a carrier and i need the isk for the remaining skillbooks and the fit.
If you keep dying ratting in a VNI then either your not paying enough attention to local/intel, Or your ratting the wrong sites, orrrrrrr your ratting in the middle of a war, in systems where the war is near.
Im not trying to ■■■■ on you, im just giving my opinion, i mean no harm.

If you do data/relic sites do relic sites in C1/3 wormholes. If you find one that hasn’t been raided in a while you can easily make 150M cleaning out the whole wormhole in one go. Sell salvage in HS and repeat. After a few days you could PLEX your account no problem. Just don’t get blowed up.

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You look like an ambitious chap. You should join the New Order of Highsec and help highsec customs frisk bypassing industrials. You get to keep whatever contraband you find and confiscate as a reward.

It needs some initial investment, but once set, you’ll find that police work is very rewarding and self-sustainable.

Hit me with an evemail if interested.