Struggling to find something to login for

I’ve spent 4 years building 3 perfectly skilled rorq pilots. 1 titan/dread pilot, 1 fax pilot and a bunch of subcap alts for null sec alliance fleets.

I find myself wanting to play Eve, but i literally login and sit in chat with no clue what to do until a fleet op pops. I can’t rorq mine, i cant super rat, i cant subcap rat. I ran a few DEDs in a loki, but the ISK is just garbage in comparison.

Appreciate there will be 0 sympathy here, but to me literally everything ive spent 4 years paying for 3 accounts to achieve has been reset. F*ck the blackout.

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Not trying to poke you or anything, but what it the point of all this compulsive ISK/resource generation?

Do you do anything with all these virtual assets?


Sounds like you have all the ships you need to be part of a pvp flee… oh wait… no. That’s not what you meant, is it.

Make an Alpha alt and see what you can do with it.
Accept the limitations as an extra challenge.
Set your own limitations.

Or cloak up and take a break.
Came back well rested.

–Gadget has taken breaks before

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The isk is so i can continue to be an active member of the supers group within my alliance. I play Eve for 1 reason only; to be part of the BR5, UALX type fights. I long for capital escalations every time I open reddit or join Mumble.

It’s why i paid for and skilled up 3 accounts. I could have just subbed with 1 account, but i wanted to be able to sustain myself in supercap gameplay. I could sell up and unsub 2 accounts and just play on my subcap main, that would give me enough isk to live on for a year or 2, but I don’t want that style of play.

If you take nulls isk generation away, what incentive is there to fight for sov?

All sounds very self-serving I’m sure, it;s just how totally disappointed I feel with the new direction of the game. I’m beginning to realise it’s no longer the game for me and that sucks because although my playstyle isn’t respected, it was a ■■■■■■■ blast for me

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The fact that you “skipped” by buying characters feels to me that you skipped a lot of gameplay that could be enjoyed on sub-cap level. Now you skipped your way to the top only to see that there’s plain sky. The only way you can go is back down.

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not sure why you think i bought characters, i skilled up all my alts, that’s part of the reason i feel the way i do, literally spent a year patiently waiting for titan alt to be able to fly a Nag/Rag.

Same goes for my rorq accounts, they were funded by many hours of astero explo and vni ratting feeding injectors into them and finally saving enough to afford 3 rorqs. It all took a lot of time and effort to build up and i feel like 4 years effort (and sub payment) has been for nothing.

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I hate to break it to you, but there hasn’t been one of those fights in forever.

Arguably, it’s all this easy and safe nullsec wealth that has taken any incentive away to fight. At least that is the hypothesis CCP is going on here, and given how stagnant things have become, it’s probably worth a shot even if unpopular.

But you of course might have a different view. That is your right, but I kinda wonder how much longer hoarding wealth for a large-scale capital fight that likely will never come would have remained interesting.

Anyway, no shame in moving on or taking a break. Perhaps when you next look on Eve the Age of Chaos will be paying some dividends and there will actually be a supercap fights for you to join and use your toys.

Or perhaps not. It’s anyone’s guess.


Taking breaks is somewhat also part of EVE I think. You can always come back, right? In the meantime enjoy yourself…

Or start roleplaying :smiley:

Adapt or die.
Risk is fundamental idea of this game. If you can’t/don’t want to risk go play something else. There is bunch of space sandboxes that can be played solo just for grinding “money”.


I get that the current setup is essentially, to fund the activities of the current setup. Also that you have your goal and know what it is.

The problem with that is that CCP as a company has no real plan for maintaining action/interest/viability in all stages of the game. Witness FW lagging in development for years. Low Sec being left to gather dust while all efforts went to making Null more juicy.

The current swing of the “Hey, I have a random idea, let’s try this for a couple years!” management design decisions seems to be ‘make things tougher for Null’. This leaves you with little to do, and insufficient rewards to continue growth of your current playstyle.

You can either take a break, or run in ‘maintenance’ mode for a while (anywhere from months to years) until CCP makes your play styles more favorable again. Or you can develop other interests which don’t require supercap level ISK grinding to support it.

If it were me, I’d probably do the ‘throw 50 cheap ships at FW and low sec roaming’ thing. You also have the resources to experiment with or even take a whole group over into WH space and see what it’s like to set up shop there.

I spent thousands of pounds on this game alone as well as more on some other MMO’s, one thing I learnt was it’s not wise to spend all that as in a few years the game might not be the same as when you started.

Any MMO can change to a point where you no longer like or enjoy it. So really when playing MMOs don’t look too far into the future. Which is kind of strange to say with this game as it develops characters over a long time period.

It’s a pain when you’ve invested a lot of time or time and money into an MMO just to see it turn into something that no longer feels like the original game, but it happens. There’s several MMO’s I no longer play for those reasons.

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if a game becomes more then just that game then you have serious issues, but not to judge I too had no life and every free minute was spent in eve UNTIL the last couple years CCP has actually done me a favor

I’ve spent less and less on eve and more on RL hell I actual spent some time with my wife who is actual pretty cool “who’d thought” So I say to anyone who is married with kids and you spend more then 4hrs a day in eve “shakes Head” enjoy the family you idiots they’ll be all grown up before you know it and you’ll regret every minute you lost with them. NO game can replace RL


The only thing you were right about in your whine.


that’s a heck of a leap Compo, but it’s misplaced for me personally, although ive been there in the past with other pursuits.

I prefer to think of it as feedback!

I am just like that “old” you - in between the family and EVE. Every time I try to stop EVE, something happens, something interesting, I find new goal, I change my home system, I add more accounts and it never ends. I stopped playing all other games, but can’t shake EVE yet.

My kid is turning 6 now, too young to undestand the game, but he seems to like it. Who knows, we might play it together one day, although I wouldn’t want him to get so addicted to it like I am.

It’s still there. It’s just balanced now compared to other places.

It’s not there yet.

What I learned in EvE, don’t get too focused on one type of gameplay … CCP may take it away one day. Especially if it’s perceived as out of balance. And they took a lot of things I liked doing away over the years; but also added new opportunities. If it’s about ISK, there is a lot more and more profitable than super ratting …