Looking for assistance in getting skill injectors to pilot a rorqual

Im currently looking for any donations/help getting into a rorqual im only 66 days away from piloting it with excavator drops and like a 8B fit. once im able to fly it (already have the ship) im able to repay ANYONE who helps with ore.

im literaly being serious, im about to give up on eve because I could never reach my goals.

IF anyone is willing to, feel free to help out, there WILL be repayments.

You’re about to give up on Eve because you can’t wait two months, and Eve is unenjoyable without a Rorqual? Huh?


no just the fact im almost never reaching my goals
while well I can beraly keep a month membership because rng is a pain in the ass. sorry for my language but damn.
escalations = always ■■■■ loot. nothing ever good. and atleast with a rorqual I could literaly plex 2 accounts easily in 2-4 days…

Because you don’t want to do what it takes to fulfill them. Train Patience to V.


As a person who owns a rorqual, let me tell you, you’re going to get more ratting in a carrier or a battleship than you would mining in a rorqual.


why dont you ask your in game friends for a loan? If none, reevaluate that, if you would like a better shot at begging for ISK.

swipe your CC for plex
train like others do
or sell your toon

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Well as it sounds like you’re going to chuck it all in, can I have your stuff?

Feel free just to contract it to me, I’ll sort out the rest from there.

Thanks in advance,

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Troll …

Meh…you seem to be the type that once you get a Rorq, it will not fill your expectations


One rorqual becomes 2, 5, 10…

Next we will see a thread saying “Looking for assistance in getting skill injectors to pilot 30 rorquals. Oh, and a supercarrier or two while im at it”.

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