10% per Month looking to expand my rorq fleet (again)

(Alduin Daveham) #1

Hi guys i am looking to expand my Rorqual fleet again :smiley:

Last time (10 Billion Isk Loan Uncollateralised 2 Weeks)

I am looking for up to 60 billion ISK without collateral. Intrest Rate will be 10% per Month. (either paid out monthly or added up in 1 final Payment)

The Loan duration would be at least 2 Months (up to 4 months)

Full API on the new Rorqual toons can be provided if intrested.

The biggest uncollateralized loan i held until now was a total of 28 Billion in liquid ISK and a fitted nyx.

If you want to get in touch with the people i already did loans with PM me as i do not want to make their names public without their consent.

About me even though i do the dumbest of stuff you can imagine in eve when it comes to Isk making and loans i am serious and proffesional. I am currently in Initiative Mercenaries, have 3 Rorqual Pilots atm have never lost an excavator Drone or Rorqual and have a pretty good understanding on how fast i can pay back such a loan with Rorquals.

For full disclousur i have atm still a 28b outstanding loan that will be paid back to 2 people within the agreed timeframe and with the agreed intrest rate unless they want to reinvest into my Rorqual Fleet.
those 28b are held on a completly seperate account the market value is by now 34b and are just included for full disclosure.

My timeframe is the following:

=>1 week eve offline finish my last exams
=>sell the moon materials i have within the next week to pay out the outstanding loans
=> starting 10/2/2019 i am looking to recieve the new liquid isk with 10% per month for a minimum of 2 month maximum of 4

(Elizabeth Norn) #2

Did you run this new venture by your current investors?

(Alduin Daveham) #3

Yes i gave them a headsup.

One of them already offered to reinvest his ISK after the Intrest Rates are paid out.

(Styx Saken) #4

Just in case you don’t manage to get an uncollateralized loan, I’d be happy to offer you a collateralized loan if you’re interested.

(system) #5

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