10 Billion Isk Loan Uncollateralised 2 Weeks

(Alduin Daveham) #1


after joining Test (because rip CO2) i am working hard on expanding my Rorqual Fleet. I already have my 2nd Charackter trained into a Rorqual but i am missing the Ship with Drones. I have done a number of loans without collateral in the past and i have always paid back full intrest in a shorter timeframe than we agreed upon.

Sadly as CO2 is now dead and most of the people i did loans with now face huge Asset safty bills or lost a lot of money during the war now i have to ask here for some help. I am kind of experienced with the Rorqual use a proper fit, mobile depot, and have a good backup in the case i do get tackled.

Now about the loan, with 10 Billion ISK i can buy my 2nd Rorqual. 2 Rorquals will make me around 250 million Isk every hour. So after 40 hours of mining i will be able to pay back the loan + intrest.

Intrest would be 15% paid back within 14 days after reciving the loan.

10% per Month looking to expand my rorq fleet (again)
(Edward Tuff) #2

Would you be willing to submit to an API check to verify your claims?

(Alduin Daveham) #3

Yes but only for the 2 Rorquals and for the duration of the loan.

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #4

Upon review of your prior loans, I will take your proposal. 10B sent.

(Alduin Daveham) #5

Loan recieved. Thank you very much i will update here once it is paid back with intrest!

(Alduin Daveham) #6

Loan paid back in full with the agreed 15% intrest.

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #7

Confirming amount received

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