WTB (Partially) Trained Rorqual Pilots <20m SP

Due to the recent Anom Nerf which makes mining rorquals obsolete, I realize that many of you will be looking to sell off their Rorqual pilots or Rorqual pilots in progress. I’m willing to purchase these rorqual pilots with under 20M SP. if you have a pilot who cannot properly mine in a Rorqual yet, that is fine. I will purchase him anyways. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5M SP or 15M SP. Please post the Eveskillboard here and I will offer promptly. I am on several hours a day and am willing to provide all ISK promptly.


Confirming I am for sale.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ralph-V PW: 1234

I am for sale, extracted rorqual / caldari jump freighter pilot. ~5.22m SP remaining. Send your offer via evemail. Will transfer with $20 cash for fast transfer.

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