Solo mining operation within nullsec npc regions - Worth the risk?

So, deploying a mining operation (Tatara, Rorqual, 10+ Hulks, and stuff) within a nullsec npc region, being only by yourself. Assuming to do it in a system of a dead end pipe, and having another account (a control guard account) at least 2 jumps away, watching it on other monitor to prevent yourself against ganks.
Do you think it’s worth/or not/or maybe, to take this risk?

very dangerous
a scout 2 jumps away won’t prevent your rorq from getting tackled by reds due to Indy core cycle length. And if it is tackled, with no allied around you will loose your rorq

Do something different. Utilize Prospects and a Command Destroyer for boosts. Sig-tanking the rats means, it will not show up NPC kills on the map. Something blips your advanced warning system, cloak all the things and wait it out. (nothing to see here!). DST’s can handle the logistics of ore to the station. Of course it will be lower reward, but it is a novel solution and lower risk.

What “sig-tanking” is?

Null-Sec range up to Battleship class rats. Because they have large guns, they experience difficulty tracking small and fast moving ships. Signature-Tanking is basically dodging attacks. The nice feature for the Prospect is that is actually designed specifically for this, having a bonus of low signature for levels trained in Expedition Frigates.

When you kill NPCs it will appear as a statistic in the in-game map - which makes it easy to locate player activity. Where as just straight mining should not give away your presence, unless someone bothers to visit the system and see local.

To be honest here, I have used the Prospect for ninja into Null Sec for mining - but this was through WH and done as a solo activity. (before the days of high security moons) I would strongly recommend you compare fits and yield ability between; mining frigates then Barges and Exhumers. Then the differences for the bonuses offered by each of the Outer Ring Command ships. Verses a relatively unbonused Command Destroyer. (less you also fit for a shield burst or Skirmish).

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Even though I like the Prospect, I suggest you use an Endurance. For maximum yield you can have mining drones with you and combat drones for some self-defense.

The Endurance doesn’t have the covert ops cloak but you can move with the agility and speed of a small frigate - 500m/s while cloaked.

I used to mine in dangerous territory for hours. All the nice ABC ore for my taking and whenever someone entered the system, I warped to a ping and hit the cloak button.

You will not fine any Endurance on my losses and this one time I was just joking around with the dramiel that died totally by accident because obviously a mining ship is not match for a dramiel.

i don’t want to be offending, but how is it possible that a player has a rorqual but doesn’t know what is “sig tanking” ? i mean, flying a rorqual means, imo, that people have played for a long time, and have good knowledge of eve, pvp, etc. And at a higher degree if the rorq pilot is planning to do ninja mining in null sec…no?
if it is just that OP doesn’t know the term “sig tanking” but knows the mechanism itself, don’t take my post into account

why not go 2 procurers 1 purpoise and have the other accounts doing ratting with VNI’s, much bigger profits and if there is a station\structure in system you can even build the VNI’s yourself, just start small with the mining fleet and build from there

It highly depends of the surroundings of his system. I do agree that boosted Procurers with non-capital Industrial Command Ship support can bring a lot, and well, VNI spinning is also a great way to build some ISK. However, if he isn’t experienced, brining everyone to safety when a red is spotted nearby will take way more time if he has VNI and Procurers, as a new player to multi boxing, compared to a bunch of Expedition Frigates boosted by a Command Destroyer, and with Deep Space Transport support.

Serious answer : Skill Injectors. None of us saw three days old Titan pilots before those…

Goofy answer : capital ships have the signature radius of a small city, so who need to think about signature tanking lol

Put your control post system before and have bubbles up on the gate, giving you time to warp in the safe.
But you have to be awake, 10 sec too slow and you get caught

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This is actually a horrible idea. No dead end system is safe, the second you hit that indy core you lose the safety of having that scout two jumps out.

If you want to mine with 10 rorqs, join one of the major alliances indy corps.

One interceptor with a cyno spoils this idea.

Just going to say you’re an absolute madman but I’m going to humor you.

I’m assuming you have 10 + accounts, no idea why people are talking about rats like they’re the problem. The biggest issue I see you having is the ability to handle that many accounts effectively as well as players looking for a fight. It’s easy to say you should just cloak in a mining frigate or something, but realistically you won’t be able to do that on 10 accounts before ■■■■ hits the fan.

Don’t deploy your rorqual under any circumstance in this hypothetical solo-npc region of null, except maybe to compress your ore that you plan on jump freighting out, or whatever. 5 minute cycle times on your indy core is going to be entirely luck based whether or not you have enough time to warp off by the time you get your 2 jumps worth of intel.

I’d be careful about deploying a structure because if someone comes to smash it, it doesn’t sound like you’re in a position to defend it very well. I’d rely on an NPC station, but those can’t tether you when you warp your fleet off.

You can use a rorqual but make sure you have a MWD fit to align + warp in 20 seconds(capital mwd is 20s cycle time). You can alternatively web yourself on one of the hulks to make your rorqual jump faster. Make sure you turn off your links on the rorqual when you’re jumping or else you won’t be able to dock due to aggression timers. Sadly, NPC stations cannot tether you, so you might get some unlucky losses because it takes time to dock 10+ accounts. If you do invest in a structure, go for the cheaper Athanor over the tatara until you’re comfortable. Maybe you’ll be left alone, who knows.

Switch out one of your hulks for something like a Miasmos or porpoise, you will need to constantly warp to the rorqual and back to the station. I’d suggest fitting the miasmos for align/warp velocity speeds.

Assuming you’re multiboxing hulks I imagine you’re very used to the activity needed to multibox hulks compared to a rorqual/skiff. Rorqual +9 hulks + 1 miasmos is a lot to keep up with, not impossible, just a lot and a very active process that you’ll likely need to get used to/practice a bit.

Consider that npc null asteroid belts are larger then high sec but smaller then null sec prospecting arrays (if you know what those are) so you will likely need to be constantly changing asteroid targets due to a lot of asteroids being 6,000-14,000 m3.

As for defense, your only real option is to warp away at the first sign of trouble. Outside of someone literally already knowing where you warp and immedately warping to that station in a hyperspacial rigged bubble ship or something, you will be very safe with local as long as you warp your whole fleet, with good reaction times. Use rorqual MWD or webs, maybe even fit an inertial stab on the rorqual. You can assist your hulks / rorqual drones to someone and have good firepower to kill rats even with t1 drones on a hulk but keep in mind you will need to shield rep them with your rorqual if a lot of battleships spawn.

For players I’d be very careful about choosing fights. If you think it’s only one person without any help you can probably shoo them away with drones but if they’re a scout for something larger you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Keep in mind even a turbo cheap fit rorqual is going to be 1.7-1.8b along with 330-350m hulks x 9. You may want to try something cheaper like an orca + barges first to see if you really want this.

Another problem is people determined to ruin your day can sit inside the NPC station or cloak up to make intel from local useless, assuming they’re so determined.

I would think carefully about this decision, despite all these potential solutions it’s probably not worth it compared to doing something else with 10 characters, even high sec mining moons/ice is likely net you more isk. At the very least you could do what you’re doing now but with a local NPC null sec corporation for some added intel/safety.

p.s. you could easily pull some mining op like this with much more safety/consistency somewhere in a normal null sec corporation, just saying.


One interceptor,
is only one and has a small chance of landing right where you are. It is worse when a lot comes in and warp around to everywhere.

You spy one system before give you 10 sec to aligne and warp. i have mine ind old day 0.0 space 5 for one year, and never lose any mine.
focus when looking for enemies

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