Q on ore mining with expedition frigates

If I’m reading this right, and if Pyfa is right, a Deep Core Modulated Miner II with the appropriate crystal will yield substantially more than a Miner II?

Reason I ask is I’m skilling up some alts for gas huffing and figure I may as well throw Ice and Ore mining skills at them as well.

On another note, looks like both Prospect and Endurance mine Ore at the same rate? Or am I missing something and one is clearly superior to the other for ore yields?

Is only for Mercoxit.

see, that’s what I thought, but here’s the in-game description text:

"The modulated deep core miner is a technological marvel that combines the capacities of the commonly used Miner II with that of the deep core mining laser. Using a modular mining crystal system, it can be altered on the fly for maximum efficiency.

It’s important to remember, however, that without the proper crystals this unit is only marginally useful for mining mercoxit, and highly inefficient for most anything else."

This would indicate you can use, for example, an Arkonor Crystal II in it when mining Arkonor. Pyfa indicates an 11.8m^3/s yield vs a 10.1m^3/s yield with Miner IIs, about a 15% increase (in exchange for a shitton of skill training… Odd that Astrogeology doesn’t seem to affect the Deep Core miners…)

Deep Core with crystal does give better yield. Endurance is slightly better iirc plus you have drones for pesky belt rats.

Rarely use the prospect for huffing, losing a Venture is easier on the wallet and the gas yield is the same.

Cheers for that.
For the amount of training required, I’m thinking I might just stick to gas and ice. Only doing ore to get minerals for reactions, so straight Miner IIs will suffice for the task.

[quote]Rarely use the prospect for huffing, losing a Venture is easier on the wallet and the gas yield is the same.
One load of gas pays for the Prospect plus a bit, the added security of the cloak and the bigger ore hold make it worthwhile for me, YMMV.

Just checked my records. Endurance with 1x Deep Core/T1 Crystals and 3x T2 Mining Drones gives the same yield as a Prospect with 2x Deep Core/T1 Crystals, both get 12 m3/sec with my skills. However I prefer the Endurance for lowsec/null as you can use 3x combat drones as well which will take out rats up to BC size, you can speed tank the rest. Also the Endurance has a bonus for velocity while cloaked which is v useful in some circumstances.

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