Mining crystals

Using a Mack with ta modulated strips and a t2 omber crystal, I find the amt mined and the speed is the same as without a crystal and don’t know why. Any help to make me see the obvious?

Other than omber being a completely crap ore to mine? Dont mine omber

Are you actually mining Omber?

Omber crystals only affect Omber asteroids, just like Kernite crystals only affects Kernite asteroids.
If you mine Kernite with Omber crystals, you get no bonuses what so ever.


The mining crystals don’t affect the cycle time of the strip miner, only links do. The crystal give you a bonus amount per cycle but as DeadMaster said, only if you use them on Omber. The other rocks don’t get the bonus.

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When the description says Omber and when it is in my hold it says Omber, maybe in your book it is really Veld.

No ■■■■…ya think?

You miss the part where mentioned with both crystal in or out, amt is the same>

When the description says Omber and when it is in my hold it says Omber, maybe in your book it is really Veld.

It was a question, not a statement.
What does UI say about mining yield without crystals, and what you actually get per cycle of mining Omber with Omber crystals?

Go to the fitting screen. Put an Omber crystal inside one of your strip miners, but leave the other one empty. Mouse over each one and see what the yield says for each…


Forgive my smart alex replies. I tested this on scordite.
no crystal…amt 5569 units
with cryst…9376 units
with omber crystal…5569 units
reading by wanding over
835m3 per 155 sec no crystal
1357m3 per 155 sec
So yesterday I was in a high sec omber anomaly and got different readings. Now before you say anything, a few days ago I was building up standing with a npc corp and got him to use a lvl 2 agent. Did a couple of mission when he stopped allownung me access, No I didn’t fail to complete a mission. Odd thing is I could have him access any other lvl2 agent with that corp. Even wrote a bug report and it got fixed.

Now that characters wallet is recording total new amt when completing a mission but not individual bounties or rewards. Anyways just odd things going on and apologize for remarks

yeah T2 lasers require a crystal to work at full potential. Otherwise, T1 is just better.

right click on the item you wanna mine, show info. In the “show info”, the top left corner says the group of the item. If the group is “omber” then it can be mined with omber crystals.

eg platinoid omber can be mined with omber crystals :

just do pve until you can afford to multibox mackinaws or a rorq.

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