Any ideas why I am mining less today than yesterday?

I am running a procurer with Tech 2 strip Miners and veldspar crystals.

Yesterday I was getting 1462 every 149 seconds which was like 9.3m/s

Today I’m getting 1462 every 165.5 which is 8.8m/s

Same ship, nothing different. Only thing I can think of is that the crystals are slightly damaged but I’ve never noticed a difference with damaged crystals. That doesn’t lower your ability to mine more does it?

The only other thing is that I have started training mining barge up to 5 now. But that shouldn’t reduce the amount that I can mine either.

Any thoughts?

Shouldn’t be any change even if crystals are damaged, haven’t heard of any changes.

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Were you AFK?


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Same booster using same boosting charges?

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Same everything. I have always mined at 9.3. Now it’s at 8.8. I literally went from mining at 9.3 and then have some lunch and then came back and I was minding at 8.8. No changes in the ship at all.

The game recognized you haven’t purchased a mining permit and has throttled your mining efficiency back. Please contact a member of Safety. to purchase your permit.


Maybe you changed clones, which had mining yield boost?

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This looks suspiciously like some numbers I computed a month ago examining the effects of the EDENCOM system-wide 10% mining speed buff. 90% of your 165.5 “unbuffed” cycle time comes out to be 148.95 with such a buff. I don’t know enough about EDENCOM/Trig mechanics to know how those buffs come and go from particular systems, so I can’t conclusively say “this is it”.

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Seems possible that this is caused by a system-wide buff or debuff.

Did you notice now or earlier if you were mining in an Edencom system, Trig system, or was there perhaps an Exotic storm?

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It’s got to be that Edencom buff. I did move one system over, and I forgot about that. I was trying to be all in one place so that I could destroy the rats around the mining area with my cruiser. That makes sense. I’ll just go back to where I was. This was driving me crazy. I think we figured it out. Thanks guys.


Probably EDENCOM.

165.5 multiplied by 0.90 = 148.95, rounded up this is 149

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