Asteroid Depleted

I most likely making a huge mistake raising this concern…
But before null-seccers making 500M/hour will eat me alive for complaining while making 5M/hour in High-Sec, I have a question:

Are you going to fix this voice message back to as it was before?

No, I’m not afking while mining.
What the hell is this residue thing? Where are all my crystals?
What is going on in this game?

It’s a new day in New Eden.

You have some reading to do. Check the Dev blogs and come back if you still have questions.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I’ve read it all, it just doesnt make any sense to me.
What is the purpose of those changes?
Why it takes so much time to fix a simple bug with voice?
Or is it not a bug, but a feature instead, aimed to combat afk miners?
Can they just stop doing anything to the game and leave it be?
Its not like my god damn 5M/hour veldspar in high-sec will undermine this game’s damn economy, why the hell they hate miners so much?
I pay sub for god damn years and still cannot afford a fn battleship without grinding day and night.

Everyone hates miners. Even miners hate miners. They’re basically EVE’s untouchable caste.

And this is why.

It is intended to give miners meaningful choice:

A) At a slower pace, obtain more of a rock, less residue
B) At a faster pace, obtain some of a rock, more residue
C) At a fast pace, obtain very little of a rock, turn it into residue (the “PvP” crystals)
D) Pay a lot of money for ORE faction gear to have high yield & no residue

If you have an R64 rock, you’re not going to want to turn it into residue, and take more time to get more out of the actual rock. If it’s just Veldspar (and variants), B-type crystals are fine.

CCP “simplified” them into cohorts across different types of rocks, but then made them confusing again by making A/B/C types (a grid) based on yield/residue ratios.

If you have extra skillpoints suddenly, it’s because they also made corresponding changes to the skills for the crystals, so if you want to use the crystals, you’ll want to re-spec your SP into those.

And so I wake in the morning and I step outside
And I take a deep breath and get real high
And I scream from the top of my lungs
What’s goin’ on?

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I don’t have anything against miners.

*I’m not a miner.

It’s okay, you’re not a real person anyway.

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Welcome back to Hell… Its even more Hell now.

Nooo…I hated that message. Especially as it played twice, and would often tell you ‘the asteroid is depleted’ when you were already locked onto and mining the next one.

I really do not see how that benefits the game or the business. Got to keep moving forward, not backwards or what you are suggesting stall.

I dont think HS mining will ever be profitable. If you want mining to be your main source of income you need to move to low, null or wormhole space. OR make heaps more accounts if staying in HS anyway.

I too totally dislike other npc miners in high-sec only when I show up and the rocks are depleted.


Miners just got some of the best changes in the game since I started playing in 2009.

I would like to have the voice back I like to know when my rocks run out but at the same time there should be an option to turn it off for the people don’t want to deal with it there’s times I don’t want it on either and there’s other times I would like to have it on

I think they can make it as simple as right-clicking an asteroid in Space the toggle it off or on

Yesterday I had undocked to mine while using my Survey Scanner II to make sure to cycle off from those asteroids to be sure to leave just a little material on each one as I wanted to be considerate to not deplete all of the asteroids that I had mined.


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