CCP, This is kinda silly

So, I am one of the few that actually like most of the changes you have made to mining. As a small scale miner, I can take my porp and a hulk and clear a couple bill a day farming Merc in Null now, effectively doubling my income pre-patch.

That being said, this residue mechanic is terrible. You could have just adjusted the reprocessing percentages to lower the total mineral count from the ore rather than implement this residue. It’s kinda silly that I am sitting here watching my hulk mine for nearly a minute straight, watching the fancy new animation of that ore leaving the asteroid, coming into my ore hold, just to see that the entire cycle was wasted to residue because you decided to let the residue mechanic occur before the yield.

Come on… if you’re going to keep this terrible mechanic, at least let the yield come first and residue afterwards…


The residue system is part of the reason you’re now doing better, because it makes lazy/afk/alt army mining less easy meaning they could open the taps more for normal miners. Which is why you’re doing great.

More active mining style that requires more effort = less afk/bot armies = CCP being able to increase yield.

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Makes sense. I get it. Again, I don’t have much to complain about as this patch actually helped me personally quite a bit a dual box miner / indy player with little pvp. I just thought it was comical that I am staring at all this ore coming into my hold when it’s all evaporated on the last cycle of the rock from residue.

That residue is obviously taken into account for your overall yield. Had it not been there then CCP would have lowered your yield to begin with and probably lowered the asteroid sizes.

It used to be that someone super afk got the same rewards as someone paying attention, which is inherently unfair and causes active miners, like you seem to be, to not get paid in full.

Whenever something is changed to require more active effort just see it as something that will drive away your competitors. As long as you’re one of those folks willing to put in that effort of course :wink:

CCP wants you to scan the rocks instead of turning on the mining lasers and going AFK.


I might actually put the bank card down and have a go at mining now. The more stable peeps seems to say it’s better on the hull (pun intended) as opposed to before.

That’s more like elite dangerous. A more actuve approach. Deep core mining in elite dangerous was definitely something it did better than Eve.

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When i did it i would find asteroids that are rotating and do it from a bit further away so the rotation saved me flying around the asteroid looking for the explosive deployment zones. Makes it a lot faster altogether.

Yeah it’s not the best video on it but most are terrible in their own way or just way too long to give a quick impression.

It wouldn’t really work in EVE but when it comes to “how can mining be a cool and active activity” then there’s a possible answer.

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Let’s be realistic: if CCP tried to turn mining into an active activity like that, there would be some pretty heavy rage from about two-thirds of all miners.

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Yeah I said that in the other thread, people disagreed.

The really stupid part of it all is that what are supposed to be higher quality items that require ridiculously more skillpoints make you a worse miner. And ORE modules will never be a real thing because there are so few and obtaining them is just Russian Roulette but with a bullet in all but one chamber instead of the inverse.

Lower skilled modules should be WORSE with residue, not the other way around. Does the word ‘LOGIC’ exist in Iceland??

Also, the fact that you have to SCROLL to see all mining crystals now shows that they didn’t reduce anything. They expanded on the item count.

smh. Maybe Hilmar attended some business seminar with Bobby Kotick and the theory discussed was 'How to do EVERYTHING in your power to make your game less fun and more difficult. DRIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS AWAY!


They tried doing that initially, and were getting death threats on Reddit.


I think you can break off your last cycle on the rock early to avoid everything going to waste first.

You would have to bring a scanner and pay attention though.

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I think you may have to throw a tentrum before that happens.
Anyway, don’t forget to pay for your mining permit.

I’m of two opinions about that. The first would be “who cares? Let’s see how many miners are AFK bots.”

The second and more practical view would recognize that AFK miners probably have a fair number of paid subs that CCP would do well to keep active. In which case it doesn’t need to be an “either/or” situation.

CCP could leave current mining just as it is for all the AFKers, and institute a new line of “active mining” modules that uses an active technique to increase yield for people willing to adjust it every 2 minutes or so.

The most annoying thing is that its chance based, so stopping the cycle early may be a waste of clicking and capacitor. I really wish they would take out the RNG part and just make it a % waste every cycle.


how on Earth do you manage to make “billions” mining solo in a porpoise + hulk in null while surviving the null spawns? Last time I tried that both me and my alts got 1 shotted.

Remote reps of the Porp on the Hulk, Porp sig tanking with AB, 10 drones on the rats. That’s how I did it last time I flew that setup in null.

Just get off in time if the rats get too strong, such as when a Dread warps in.

Should be even easier now that Hulk EHP can get to Procurer numbers.