Mining skills

Hey all,

I am new here and was wondering what skills you would recommend I train for. I am trying for a primary mine account. I have mining mastered and am researching mining barges. What skills are necessary to maximize a mining accounts income?


Skill towards use of Tech 2 mining equipment:

For both Venture and barges:

  • Mining Laser Upgrade II (Mining III, Mining Upgrades IV)

For Venture:

  • Miner II (Mining IV)

For barges:

  • Modulated Strip Miner II (Mining V)

also you want to have Tech 2 tank and engineering skills.

For Modulated Strip Miner II you will need skills for crystals dedicated to asteroid type.
For example “Veldspar Processing III” allows you to use Tech 1 crystals and “Veldspar Processing IV” enables Tech 2 crystals.

You might want also drone skills for defense and/or mining.
Drone skills are essential for mining with Orca as it cannot fit lasers.

All details including fits for each barge can be found at E-UNI Wiki:


Gas harvesting and ice mining as well. Gas harvesting can be very profitable in WHs with added danger and difficulty of course.

I think the previous two commentators have covered the skills, but I do want to warn you that focusing on mining as a newer player can be a bit of a trap. The skills don’t transfer well over to activities that aren’t shooting a rock, and mining can be rather boring. That said, if you like mining by all means go for it. I’m not going to judge you based on your choice of ISK making/overall playstyle, but there can be more to EvE than mining if you want it.


Will second Gas harvesting being pretty fun and can be done completely solo in a venture. Although it can also be time consuming if you are unlucky when you keep scanning down combat/relic/data sites instead of gas clouds. You will also need to train decent scanning skills as none of the mining ships have bonuses for scanning probes, but those are still useful for other activities.

Ice mining in my experience had the most gankers as the systems are persistent for the ice belt spawns. So all the PVPer’s already know where to go. Best done in a fleet.