New Skill: Advanced Infomorph Synchronizing

Just throwing this idea out there to see what the community thinks of it. Currently with Infomorph Synchronizing V you’re looking at a 19 hour timer between use of jump clones. If there was an advanced version of the skill that could trim it down to 14 hours when trained to V.

Is there a need for this? Would it be beneficial? Would it help to make gameplay more interesting and dynamic? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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With Citadels, the timer is already 0, so there is already a mechanic that completely bypasses the restriction.

Of course, you have to be in the Citadel already so swap clones, but that is good enough in my view.

So I don’t really see any value in adding a further skill. If anything, just rebalance the existing skill to provide more of a reduction, but that still won’t beat the benefit that using Citadels provides.


Isn’t that only if you swap to a clone that is in the same station though? I haven’t used citadel clone bays much.

Yes it is. So you can’t jump to another system with a 0 timer, but as above, if this was going to be balanced, it would just be better to rebalance the current skill.

Use a citadel.


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