New skill: Advanced Infomorph Syncronizing

This idea has been suggested a couple of times before by people but was met with reductive responses like: use a citadel.

I’m here to propose today an advanced skill that gives an extra 30 minutes reduction per level. Reviewing the original reasons for jumpclone timer reductions, it was to give players an opportunity to jump clone often enough to play in their desired region of space/clone of choice at least once per day, during their normal play time.

But since then they introduced unlimited instant swapping inside of citadels, filaments and abyssal filaments, they increased the frequency of K-K space wormhole connections and the pirate super system. The game is much more connected than it used to be. So when reviewing the original logic for the changes HERE they were concerned about it being too convenient to move around the world and bypass restrictions. These restrictions as we can see above have indeed been bypassed (partially) by their own game mechanics. Some of these filaments are even just given to you for free by logging in.

I therefore propose the idea for another infomorph syncronization skill, half as effective and harder to train. During a 48 hour weekend period it would allow you to jump roughly 3 times instead 2 times, this is only possible to disciplined people who would be the ones to benefit from this niche change. Noone is going to be hurt from this change. The game has moved on from the problems that it identified originally.

Why just the weekends? Not sure that would be easy to implement.

It’s not restricted to weekends. I was using that as an example. Some corps run fleets during the week, being able to be on time and in the right place for social activities and still do solo stuff elsewhere is important.

no ! you can switch all your pods instantly on a citadell and you can have as much pods on ONE citadell as youre skills allows you to have ! if you dont wanna use 5 min to jump your 10 systems then youre only to lazy ! take a shuttle and fly to your destination ! you always have the time to do this !

More clone jumps (not clone switches on a station, those haven’t a timer anyway) means more insta-travel on demand in the game, means less meaning of geographics (distance, interception, blocades, out-of-position assaults etc.) and therefore strategic gameplay. I vote no, I like to see insta-travel of all kind be nerfed, so decsions have a meaning and moblity comes at a price (yes, you sometimes need to travel 40 jumps in a shuttle (or an Interceptor… or a Recon…) if you want to be at location A instead of B and are on clone jump timer, thats where decsions begin to matter… Not made even more easier.

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