Accessing Clones

Accessing a Clone in High Sec from a Null Sec station where the distance between both nodes is more than 40 jumps should not be as easy as clicking a button.

Transferring to a clone in High Sec from Null should only be feasible using a new filament that would transport the Pod from Null to a random High Sec system within ten jumps from the High Sec Clone facility.

The reason being is that Null Sec alliances and stations would be able to block or intercept site to site jumps from Null to High Sec to essentially make the signal pattern a prisoner.

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More restrictions. That’s just what EVE needs, more restraints, more expensive hard-to-find stuff needed to accomplish a simple action. Good idea. As if EVE wasn’t complicated and convoluted as it is, we need more crap added because someone is jealous of what others can do… swell.

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