Will this idea work regarding getting started in Null Sec?

(Sir Dude) #1

Hey folks,
I’ve been thinking about getting some experience and doing some time in Null Sec and wanted to run this idea past you forum people to see if it will fly or is a reasonable approach to take.

OK, I’ve waited until I can remotely put a medical clone at a new home station anywhere and so will try to find an NPC station with a good market in NPC Null Sec. Obviously blow up a clone outside a station and wake up in Null Sec. Once there, buy ships and stuff from said market and off we go adventuring (and being killed too I guess). Jump back to my normal base and then move home base back but still have your clone in Null Sec. Thing is though, I guess you need to have 2 clones in that Null Sec area so if one gets podded you wake up back at original base but still have a backup line back.

The other snag is choosing the right station (a trade hub) in a sensible bit of space (not crazy war zones etc.) to make the initial home base move to by remote. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a good trade hub in Null Sec NPC space to initially jump to…say somewhere like Syndicate, for example? Maybe someone can suggest the best examples of this type of space to get started off in.

Thanks for any ideas, pointers or highlighting any glaring omissions I’ve overlooked due to my lack of experience in such space and zeal to get out there to check it all out.

(Scipio Artelius) #2

Good luck with that; and when you find one, good luck with it being somewhere not completely hostile to you.

Best bet without good support yourself:

  1. Find a station you want to base out of
  2. Use Black Frog to jump stuff there for you
  3. Do as you planned

(Sir Dude) #3

Ouch, didn’t realise it was that bad. Hmmm…bit of a downer there.

Thanks for the swift reply.

(Kenneth Endashi) #4

Of course it’s that bad. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It’ll make a great story if nothing else

(Do Little) #5

Nullsec is not a good place to play solo. Except for Providence all of Nullsec is NBSI: not “blue” - shoot it! And Provi is currently going through difficult times.

If you want to explore Nullsec, learn the geography and then use wormholes to move around. There are a few densely populated regions but most of it is empty. Thera might be a good place to use as a home base. If you want to simply fly down, a travel fit interceptor is very difficult to catch.

Otherwise, join a group that lives where you want to explore and learn from them. If you want to learn the ropes I believe OUCH (Open University of Celestial Hardship) is still active and worth talking to.

(Scipio Artelius) #6

My suggestion would be to forget NPC Nullsec.

I lived in NPC Nullsec for 4 years and while it is quieter than some areas of sov space, it’s all ‘not blue shoot it’.

Your best bet would be to find a Freeport station/Citadel in Providence and live there peacefully with Provibloc.

They operate under ‘not red dont shoot’ rules, so you would be able to find a place to live and then just avoid the roaming groups that like to go through Providence.

(Tipa Riot) #7

Would suggest starting with exploring lowsec, much easier access, close to highsec, working markets for ammo, small stuff, more people to shoot. You can make ISK from clone soldiers, DED sites and PvP loot.

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