Best way to Null Sec

Silly question, I know: I’ve played on and off for a couple of years, but I’ve never been in Null. Not even sure how I’d go about getting there. Always assumed I was too new or lacked the skills or ship or modules to get into Null, but I really just need to do it.
I’ve been mostly PvE, but I’m wanting to explore more of the game lately.
How would one get to Null sec from someplace hi sec, like Jita or thereabouts?

From Jita?
Go EWOK-K or 1DQ1-A

Go to 1DQ1-A in a Shuttle

Find an alliance or corp you like and join them, they can guide you on how to get out to their space. If you just want to PVE, it might be best to find a renter alliance (alliance that rents space from one of the more powerful PVP alliances).


autopilot to Stain which is free of most pvp and griefers and has safe PVE space for everyone.

Depends on what you mean with “going to null”. If you want to day trip for pve or pvp then use filaments, you’ll be in null in seconds. If you mean living in null and being established there, then you’re best to join a group that suits your play styles and needs.

You must talk to the Potato King

He lives in Dingly Dell.

Bring him the Key of B

And recite the entirety of EITHER;

Tales of the Future by Vangelis


Summer in Dublin by Liam Rielly

And you will receive a Wonka Bar with a 1% chance of a golden ticket letting you dock at a Nullsec structure.


you need the amulet of yendor

map, set destination may work to …


Out of all the answers in this thread, this is the only serious one…

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Is it possible to join an Alliance? How would one go about that if they’re in a NPC corporation? Wouldn’t they have to be in a players’ corporation?
I don’t understand this statement:

Aren’t alliances groups of corporations? How can a player be in an alliance if not in one of the corporations belonging to that alliance?

You don’t join an Alliance, you join a Corp that’s a member of that alliance. It’s the alliance that will own/control a section of null space.

What they’re saying is, find some Null corp that do the sort of things you want to do in Null. Apply to become a member. Follow their instructions on how to get to where they are. Once you find one, do some checking to make sure you aren’t being lured to Null so you can be ganked on the way by a-holes hoping to sucker a null newbie.

Check the Recruitment forum for various possibilities.

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That’s what I thought, players do not join alliances, they join corporations so this statement doesn’t reflect the reality

It would just be “find a corporation and join them” period. There’s not joining alliances for players, as I said, alliances are joined by corporations, not players.

I understood that. I don’t get why he’s talking about alliances when as a player I can only join corporations and so this:

doesn’t make any sense to me.

Type an “x” in in game chat channel “cas combat guild” for an invite to fleet. Now you can travel through Syndicate null sec. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.

The short answer is; youve got to know someone there already.

OMG, are you serious?

Nothing to add so you just dissect the quote and try to make a mountain out of a molehill…

Because the alliances control the territory my nublet friend.

What does rent mean?

Not entirely true. Alliances all are, to a degree, different with a different culture, goals, capabilities and approach to things. Lots of people just want to go to null and they don’t really care where and with whom, this is mostly the case for newbies. Once you’ve done that a few times you will notice, and possibly care about, those differences between groups and might be more selective about the alliance you join than the corp within that alliance.

Some people will join a random group, some people will want to make a more informed decision. It’s all about the scale of one’s “vision”.

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