How bad idea to check out null when newbie and alone?

Is it hopeless if you are new and have no money, no ships, no skills etc. to go into null? Without corp, all alone? Will it be just “getting shot during each undock”?

It’d be brave, if nothing else…


Very possibly, but as a newbro with nothing to lose, now is the right time to go have a look around in low, null & jspace and gain some experience, face the fear :slight_smile:

Take a fast frigate like an Atron/Slasher/Condor, test your wits against the locals. If you lose a few ships what does it matter?

Providence region is an option, they operate as Not Red, Don’t Shoot. In other words they welcome neutrals, altho u will be policed.


Is it possible to keep going into negative isk balance, but still being able to acquire stuff? Like in armored core on ps1, if anyone remembers that. In worst case, i mean.

If you have insufficient ISK any attempt to buy an item will fail. SCC don’t do Overdrafts.
At the very worst, you will always have a free corvette and civilian miner and turret to start from absolute scratch with.

Re: going and having a look in null / lo-sec space.
Do it. I’ve done null runs and runs through lo-sec. Keep an eye on local, assume people aren’t friendly, take modest precautions, don’t be to upset if it all goes wonky and you lose your ship. Go in a cheap pod (no implants) and you’ll enjoy the buzz of being somewhere that people may not appreciate you being.
Take a cheap explorer and probes, do a little scanning in a quiet system, grab some loot (remember: it’s only worth ISK if you can get it to market!), take a miner, grab some Ore, do things rather than just fly through.

Also: have a look at diving into wormholes - it’s like Null but with a whole “I wonder if there’s someone in here with me? I wonder if they know I’m here?” excitement. Take a cheap core probe and analyser fitted explorer - a good run through a Class 2 or 3 system can easily pay for the ship you use several times over.
I prefer time in 'holes rather than in Null.

The civilised bits of Providence are Not Red, Don’t Shoot (NRDS) but only the civilised bits.

And that’s the lure - the RoI on a cheap ship can be quite good!

fly safe Go for it!


Also bear in mind that there are new player alliances who will happily provide you a home in nullsec. An option from each side of the current war:


The Venture is a very good swiss-army-knife ship, cheap to buy and fit out. You can do a lot with it if u put ur mind to it. Also the exploration ships, Probe is my favourite but the others will do. As I mentioned the fast frigates such as the Atron/Slasher are nice to fly and can be fitted for scouting/exploration.

If u are short of isk then just go do a few hisec combat anoms, data/relic sites or if u are feeling lazy a bit of mining. While mining bookmark any combat anoms and go get free salvage. Trading is also a thing but u’ll need a bit of knowledge for that.

The career agents give you free ships and you can complete the full set several times in different locations, they also give you isk & modules iirc. Lastly, the free corvettes you can jump into in any station are actually usable as throwaway scout boats with a bit of fitting.

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Worst you can lose is your ship and your pod. So if you’re comfortable with that, then there’s absolutely no reason not to go for it. If it’s a short trip, it’s a short trip.

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Is it hopeless:

That depends what you define as hopeless? You WILL lose ships and possibly your pod. But that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. Do you expect to immediately rake in the ISK, then yeah, you will have a harder time as the content in null is geared to pilots who have some SP invested in the game, but it is NOT impossible.

As mentioned, your best bet would be to try your luck in Providence due to their NRDS (Not Red, Don’t Shoot) policy over the general NBSI (Not blue, shoot it) mentality of the normal SOV holding groups. In any other place then Providence, if you ain’t in the same alliance or have friendly (blue) standings, you will be classed as an enemy and people will try to make you disappear from their space by glorious explosions.

Also keep in mind, specially in non-NPC and non-Provi null-sec, you will likely have NO access to the structures to dock.

But that said, specially as a new player…what do you have to lose? Try it, see if you like it, maybe you even can find some friendly people in null-sec and make friends.

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Is it also worth mentioning that you can seriously disrupt nullsec PvE activity just by getting mentioned in the right intel channels? So even if you don’t make it very far you can cause meaningful loss of income for some krabs :joy:


There is only 1 way to get into negative ISK, that’s by doing something that CCP doesn’t like called RMT.
If they find you, and you aren’t banned in the first place, they will confiscate the ISK gained and if you spent it already, you will go negative.

So negative ISK isn’t a thing. However, if you want a module that costs 1mil ISK, you need at least the correct amount of ISK in your wallet to pay it at the spot, there is no overdraft in EVE.

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Many great replies/advices/experience, thanks :pray:

As hopeless i mean impossibility to start and grow/progress doing something.

That’s no problem, i come from Dark Souls (ah yeah, the other game where people love doing unexpected pvp haha) and some rogue-lites (in rogue games when you die, you start over, or maybe keep some items you got) :smile:

You mean, making other people targets for another people and get some isk for that? Though, from what i understand now, you can’t do much spying on alpha (i’m currently, well, as i’m getting into game) due to lack of stealth options?

No. People have a habit of docking up whenever someone is spotted in a nearby system. So you can interrupt what they’re doing just by being a few systems away.

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If i found provi correctly on star map, it shows that there are no stations in it, so there are no structures to dock? Or there are stations, but “hidden” from map? Or i needed to choose a different filter on map?

Head to Dital in Devoid, next door is KBP7-G, Sev3rance have sov in that pocket. There were structures you can dock in as neutral but that was a while ago and I have standing & docking rights, but nothing to stop you having a look around. It’s a good pocket to start from, the locals “0rizen Irregulars” are good people.

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Currently not in game to check, but no idea if Upwell structures show up in the in game map. There are indeed no stations there as they are limited to NPC owned systems


Just checked in game. Structures don’t show up maps as stations but if you show info on any system you can check the Upwell structures in system and then if you do show info, you can see if you have docking rights

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You can run missions for the pirate factions in NPC null. If you pick the right system, there won’t be a lot of people trying to scan you down. Most of your losses in nullsec will probably be at gates when a sabre bubbles you - or at a station undock if you aren’t using an undock bookmark.

You can also do combat exploration which is lucrative. The no-combat hacking/analyzing sites are okay, but there is a lot of competition for those.


If we speak of this specific example on your screenshot. It’s a structure, that was created by some corporation that was disbanded 10+ years ago? Spooky! :slight_smile: Hm, how unsafe to keep your belongings in such “half-abandoned” structures without npc and/or other services?

I just picked any random system in Provi

Just was asking how it is in general.

To clarify… that will make me auto-enemy for NRDS people in Provi etc. ?