Leaving a jump clone in NPC null-sec?

I am interested in leaving a jump clone deep in NPC null-sec. Back in the day I think you used to have standings with the faction where you installed the clone. Is that still true? Also, is there a specific symbol on Dotlan that I can look for to tell me which systems are candidates? (My guess is the light green triangle on a system within the region map, but I’m not sure.) Is there any other set of requirements or warnings I should be aware of first?

Sorry for the post location; wasn’t sure where else it should go. (It’s also kind of a noob question.)

No, standings don’t matter for jump clone installation anymore.

So 2 options:

  1. Install a clone in a station with a cloning facility
  2. Create a clone elsewhere, fly it to where you want and then jump away (no cloning facility required)

If you go the first approach, then yes in Dotlan the small green triangle indicates a cloning facility.


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