Help recovering my stuff from outpost in Branch after 5 years away

Just thinking about getting back into Eve after suddenly leaving in early 2015 due to family reasons.

Logged in as Alpha clone and started looking at my account and found a problem.

I was in a corp that was based in Branch Nullsec space and I have most of my stuff in an outpost there - about 3 bil isk worth. Just ships and stuff so replaceable, but a lot of ISK tied up in it.

I know its going to be tough to get it out of there as i’m a long way from safety, so was thinking about selling it cheap on the marketplace or reprocessing it and selling the results. Too expensive to freight out.

Obviously the outpost has changed ownership several times and things like marketplace, clone bay, industry etc now all show as disabled. Also I cannot reprocess - it doesn’t appear as an option.

I also tried to jump clone out so I could play in hi-sec to get used to things while leaving my stuff and clone in the outpost - but “I do not have access to the clone bay”.

What’s the best way out of my predicament ?

(BTW This is not the character that has the problem)

You can either
1 - Asset Safety and wait 21 days for it to automatically appear in the nearest Lowsec station.
2 - Set up a public contract with all your stuff at whatever price you think is reasonable.

The mechanic of jump cloning out leaves your current clone in the Cloning Facility of the station you are in. If you don’t have access to the Cloning Bay (or there isn’t one) you can’t leave a clone, and thus cannot jump clone out.

What you can do in this situation is to simply change your Home Station to your School station back in highsec, undock, and self destruct your pod. You’ll respawn in a fresh clone in your School station.


Welcome back.

You can also petition a GM to move you - 1 ship and whatever you can fit in it. Not sure of the details but it takes little time to submit a ticket and we (including CCP) really want you to succeed!

Good luck



Thanks for the advice.

Didn’t know about Asset Safety. Could use it as I have some isk in another account I can use in the meantime.

I cannot fit everything into 1 ship as I have 11 ships in the outpost and loads of T2 & faction stuff - no large industrial to store things in though.

I use another account for hauling - used to work for PushX but don’t want to risk a jump freighter for this.

Out of interest, have outposts changed since 2015 - hence why everything is disabled where I am?

Anyway, thanks again guys

There are no such things as Outposts anymore. Every Station in Player Nullsec has been turned into Upwell Structures (Citadels). They’re (kinda) like a combination of a POS and a Station together, but with the added benefit of giving the owners near full control of who can/can’t access the various services that it provides.

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That explains why everything is disabled for me then. Thanks


@Yu_Stin-Ki_Pu In regards to Asset Safety, be advised that there is a cost of 0.5% (if assets is delivered in same system as origin) or 15% of the asset value to retrieve it from safety.


Thanks for that. Still the best option given my situation I guess

You could always get in contact with the people that own it now and see if you can arrange something, or join them to get your stuff…always an option to try.


Good idea. Will have a think about it. Thanks

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