A solution to Nullsec mining problems

I says CCP should add this game feature where when sitting in your Rorquls, all your alarms start going on the fritz.

multiple system failures

You lean in…no…nooo…whats happening?

You desperately try to align back to station.

right thruster failure your ship starts turning the opposite way floundering as you zoom in to see the thruster pods exploding like Cartman’s dusty balls. poof

Junk and parts start shaking out of your heaping clunker, leaving a stream of tumbling garbage as your ship begins to fall apart. You hear screams and see escape pods spitting out of the hulking beast as it appears to bend and crack.

You’re yelling at the screen what’s happening! why me!?

This epic visual, best in the game, the Rorqual starts to split at the seems like a Boeing 777 wide body with a hot recall due to stress defects found in the wing.

Oh God

Turns out all of OREs rorqual designs were severely flawed and rushed ■■■■ jobs with minimum wage engineers cutting every corner.

Poor you.

The fleets may still work but this may happen to you.

You should really stop using drugs.

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You really really need to stop.



You don’t live in null. You don’t know what it’s like. Please stop pretending you do. Don’t make proposals to change things you don’t understand. :slight_smile:

I live in lowsec where real men live.

How you like all those nerds coming at you. Might actually have to start fighting soon to make your capitals lol.

See what real pvp is like

You’re not a man. Just a little boy.

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First off, those of us who actually live and thrive through nul sec are doing very well. Those who think low sec is a big boy place are just a handful of guys who still think eve is some sort of single player space game.

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Putting him in the same category of little boys is offensive to little boys.

You’re right.

Implying you’re a real man because of that!

Not with that attention span! :smiley:

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If your alarms go on the fritz, then they wouldn’t go off at all.

I says CCP should add a feature to ignore people in the forums :wink:

How is it possible that you are THIS insecure?
And yeah, like I said. You don’t live in nullsec, and you have no idea what it’s like out here. You’ve still refused to even come out for some reason. So thanks for proving my point.

Don’t propose changes for things you have no idea about.

What even is “real pvp”? Killing a poorly fit Heron that couldn’t fight back?

Try WH space if you want real PvP, where that heron is bait for the 20 T3Cs cloaked up on grid.

There are absolutly zero mining problems in nul.

Kicking your ass

That battle heron is a great fit. Are you retarded? He started the fight and could beat most destroyers classes in that thing.

The fact you dont know this shows how little you know about pvp

Hey kid, I know you’re insecure, but you don’t have to go around digging old posts attempting to insult people. :slight_smile:

You’re insulting that guy’s battle heron which is a cool fit. And 146hp/s recharge. It’s dps will break most Dezzy’s reps/tank, and he can wear them down with that much reps.

The only reason I even survived that was my destroyer was flying a blaster fit and built to stay within ~800m at 500m/s. A real tight turn.

Which is NOT a typical dezzy fit at all. (But is a better one)

You’re just an imbecile. Seriously.

Man, I forget what it’s like to be a newbro thinking all these things are cool. Knowing so little makes each new discovery feel like a big thing. Congrats man, keep it up.

You’re too pussy to even take anything near low sec. I feel bad for you thinking your sub-optimal trash fits you lose once in a blue moon when you maybe pvp 3 x a month qualifies you as any good.

To top it off you trash someone’s par-excellance battle heron fit thinking you’re somehow making yourself look good.