Any replacement for removal of POS (tower)

Currently, the super only can be safe in forcefield or docking in citadel. but the tower will be removed in next patch. It’s quite embarrassing for the supers

There’s this thing called tethering, it is available on all sizes of citadels.

Supers can dock in a Keepstar, so where is the issue? This is much better than before.

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Seriousely? Compare price of small POS and a Keepstar. You will see the issue for independent solo super capital pilots…

Other issue is that POS can be installed, onlined and offlined in a matter of hours. In relative safety if you choose moon over 15 AU away from gates. Citadel is visible and warpable without d-scan, it takes days to unanchor one… Many negative for nomadic playstyle…


Then ask yourself if its worth to have a super …

There could be Supers and Titans sitting waiting for boarding if owners dont move them before Towers are removed

The relative astronomic scarcity of Keepstars is the issue. This is like Agenda 21 in Eve. It is going to make the vast emptiness even emptier by forcing everyone with a super to congregate in fewer locations. But like the UN, you clearly have no foresight in reality.

Just ask your alliance to drop a Keepstar, everybody can build or buy one. Alternatively just join an entity which provides a Keepstar to dock your supers. I still don’t see the issue.


the supers can be bumped out by certain ship, such as cruiser with 100AB. it’s still dangerous when tendering.

i think ths important factor is the supers can be bumped out

Safe log. Why are you sitting there allowing yourself to be bumped off? Why are you afking while tethered or even in a bubble? Even if you’re waiting off a timer the question stands all the more.

Nice. So I could comfortably wait in POS bubble to be able to jump in a matter of seconds. Now I have to log off and than log back on to do same. It takes minutes on my laptop I use for alt to log on sometimes. Even if launcher does work as it should.
You see - something could be done comfortably before but not any more. Game becomes better? Main thing for me is that we still lack support for nomadic way of life. Unanchoring of citadel takes days. Anchoring citadel is visible without d-scan system-wide. Etc, etc… Solo or small groups lifestyle nerf, IMHO.
I understand space is still overspammed with unused POSes, which should be removed. But why not giving players some ninja-small citadel with limited capacity, that can be anchored and unanchored as quick as current POS? Something with Ship Maintenance Bay Capacity of 2,500,000 m³ Fleet Hangar Capacity of 50,000 m³ and a special super capital bay, capable of holding exactly one super carrier. So you can park your supercarrier and its inhalt in a matter of hours and unanchor the parking place in few hours to move along… Small and personal citadel, cheap and cosy.


We’ve known about this change for over 2 years now. You’re just now figuring this out?

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No one listened to me 2 years ago, no one now. Just ranting cause I can. I do not expect things to change my way, CCP classic, you know…

Logging off safely and back in is a lot quicker than anchoring a new station. Just sayin.

This was among the first things I asked, when they introduced Citadels. Once the XLSMA is gone, smaller entities who can’t afford a Keepstar will essentially be forced to go back to having their Titan Char live in the box until it dies.

But can be extremely frustrating for anyone without a computer possessing good RAM power. The process will be slow, and is a good minus for Quality of Life, which could drive off the few people using old or entry-level computers with supercapitals. And sincerely, I nor CCP want to see more people quitting the game definitely.

I agree with this idea. The thing could be light enough to fit carried in a fast transport, or a Blockade Runner with Expanded Cargohold. With CCP seemingly on to add more structures under the FLEX branch, it could be a possible addition to the collection.

However, I see some problems this possibly new structure. First of all, to be so light and easy to carry (plus having limited hangers), they should be relatively cheaper in terms of material, which could make it easier to spam them (maybe as easy as POS).

Also, defending a structure is way different from defending a POS, which could make the transition harder, plus solo player do not have the same defensive means with POS guns and citadel missiles.

But overall, it could be an interesting outcome for solo players in uncharted territories, like wormholes.

They already said they are doing just that with Forward Operating Bases. So a small nomadic citadel is in the works already.

They may very well give it a fitting service, but the idea of being able to store your super in it I doubt it. They already said these structures would likely be tether only with no way to dock, similar to the structures that were just released this past week.
As much as I’d love for an idiot to actually leave, and subsequently lose, their super in one of these I hope they don’t allow for it. It was always really really stupid for people to actually leave their super in an CSMA for any reason, I’m not for reinforcing bad behavior - no matte how hilarious the results may be. But these structures are meant for the traveling nomad which does not necessitate the ability to dock when safe logging on a tether works just fine. I can see the need for storage and fitting, but that’s about it.

I feel like your complaint is coming in without having read anything they’re said in the past else you’d have known about these structures being in the work. As far as not having to relog, I’m sorry, just because you practiced bad behavior in the past doesn’t mean it was the correct thing to do. Safe log if you need to walk away it may suck to log back in, but it has always been your best choice for safety in unsafe areas of space.


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