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Combat Interceptors and Combat Recons

Considering their roles and how they can effectively be replaced by other ships I believe its time to give them a more specific role. Below are the following changes I present.

Combat Interceptors: (Taranis, Claw, Raptor, Crusuader)

Huge damage boost to Drones / Fighters

Combat Recons: (Lachesis, Rook, Curse, Huginn)

Tracking / damage bonus to Frigate classes OR potentially allowing for smaller weapon bonuses that aid against frigate classes.

While I understand certain variants of each class are capable of holding their own I do believe each class should have multiple specific roles that allows them to do multiple functions instead of just one. Feel free to respond as I would really like to have a solid discussion concerning this.


I haven’t tried to fight (players or NPCs) in any of the 8 Recons, so I can’t speak to that (I’ve literally only flown a rapier to web a corpmate into warp in his orca across HS/WH space, lol)…

but I agree so much about the combat ceptors. Especially since they took away the interdiction nullification from those 4, they’re so little used compared to the other 4 ceptors.

Buff the combat ceptors to help out with the lack of bubble immunity. Make combat ceptors worth using over AFs or faction frigs in at least SOME circumstances. ;_;

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Combat recons are great for setting DScan traps, and they’re also very useful support platforms in non-covert gangs. They’re hard to solo in compared to other T2 hulls, but so are most eWar platforms.

To the OP’s point, I agree that the “Combat” hulls should be more cohesive. At a bare minimum, I’d make combat 'ceptors also immune to directional scanners. That would let a mixed gang of combat recons and combat 'ceptors move around a system undetected unless you happen to be on grid with them, or have combat probes out.

As for further combat 'ceptor buffs…I could maybe see having them sacrifice some mobility (either on-grid or a lower warp speed) for more durability and/or damage, but not so much that they start looking like fast assault frigates. And even then, I think add the DScan immunity first and then see how they pan out.

EDIT: And just to clarify, I don’t think combat recons necessarily need a buff. I just think that combat 'ceptors should gain their DScan immunity and maybe trade some of their mobility for more combat capability.


The curse is one of the most powerfull cruisers in a 1v1 scenario, granted that doesnt happen often. If fit properly it can take out T3C, something even HACs can have trouble with.
I do agree the others need some upgrading but theu are meant more as a support vessel.


I do like the idea of Combat ceptors becoming murders of Drones and fighters. As for the combat recons being anti frig support I’m not sure.

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When i have long range webs/scrams or bonused neuts…frigates are the least of my worries.

Thanks for the tips. I have many fleetmates and corpmates with some recon experience… one guy with a shiny Curse and another guy who loves Falcons (well, prior to the ECM changes) come to mind especially.

I do love that half of them are covops cloaky warpy and the other half are d-scan immune. Such an interesting ship class.

:::has mostly used HACs and logi cruisers from the t2 cruiser line, but yes… recons will be next! training more fully into command ships first, though:::

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If you have experience flying logi, then flying recons in a gang will be a breeze. Same general idea, only in reverse. Instead of providing reps, you’ll be making it harder for opposing DPS ships to apply damage to the rest of your gang (or, depending on the situation, making it easier for friendly ships to apply DPS to opposing ships).

It’s a great role for independent thinkers who hate just shooting at a primary.


Hey, I like it all. And in both PVP and PVE.

My ECM-loving corpmates are very sad about their Falcons and Widows thanks to the ECM changes, but… I mean, it seems like Falcons and Rooks would still be pretty good at disrupting cap and rep chains and the like. Just not as effective against said F1 monkey DPS boats. ;D

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