Combat Ceptors and Blackout - A Purpose

With the recent changes in blackout showing the benefits and drawbacks of blackout of local and the continued dismal state of all combat ceptors, I felt it was time to think of things to make the best of both issues.

  • Combat ceptors have no real purpose over the other ceptors at the moment

  • There needs to be something that will get through the local scout networks that isn’t so broken that its imbalanced the other way.

Well I might have a solution.

What if Combat ceptors could NOT fit cloaks but would not show up in local?

You can still probe them, you can still scan them, they aren’t a solopwnmobile, they can’t cloak and remain invisible, and it gives a badly needed role for a ceptor that has not had a real purpose after their nerf. A specialized forward tackler.

I think this could be a good idea.


Goon/Spodbrain brigade incoming. I like the potential for this idea, however I don’t know that I trust CCP to implement this without breaking a bunch of other ■■■■.

I agree that the Combat 'Ceptors need some sort of role now that they lost bubble immunity.

Your proposed role is…interesting. It’s like the Combat Recon role bonus in that it’s a form of stealth that doesn’t require a cloaking device. And I think the “unable to fit cloaking devices” penalty balances it out nicely; you wouldn’t appear in local, but you’d always be visible on D-Scan or to probes. It would be a good hunter of the inattentive, a great ambush tackler.

My concern is with how it would be implemented on the server side. (Yes, I know, server limitations are the worst reason ever to not do something, but they still have to be considered.) Currently the server decides whether to display someone in local or not based purely on the system the player is entering. If you added a check for ship type as well, that’s an extra bit of server activity every time someone undocks, jumps a gate, takes a wormhole, or uses a jump drive/bridge. This may be trivial or it may not, I don’t know. But it’s something I’d be concerned with.

+1 if the server impact is minimal.

(Alternative bonus: just give them the same “Does not appear on Directional Scanners” role bonus that Combat Recons have.)

I mean, the hack assed way I could think of would be to send the pilots to a “ceptor system” that no one can see anything. They couldn’t see local either with this work around, but they wouldn’t be in local :man_shrugging:

Making their pilots not appear in local might be difficult to implement, but we could still talk about other ways of improving them, such as:

  • Making them d-scan immune, as already suggested
  • Extending range of their d-scan
  • Making their signature smaller, like 25 m
  • Making them able to fit non-covert cloak without penalties to scan resolution, velocity and no targeting delay after decloaking

They are not cloaked and don’t show up in local.

Reminds me of unloading without docking.

I doubt there is a cure for this particular mental illness.


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