Devblog: CSM Winter Summit 2019 Meeting Minutes

We are aware it decreases activity, obviously. But as was noted in the minutes, when I asked Fozzie about whether he thought isk generation levels or botting was a bigger problem, he said botting.

There are dozens of good ideas for getting rid of AFK cloaky camping that can get implemented when CCP thinks it’s time.

Okay. Thanks for replying.

The only step you needed to take was “go to CSM area on forums.”

This is probably because we have asked for this so many times and have been given the same answer - it’s not possible to do it in a secure way - that we’ve stopped asking for it.

I asked about this in the beginning of my term and the old guys laughed at me because every body has asked for that at some point.


Not really. It’s still multiple servers. Then there is the part where if there isnt cross play between platforms, each system has their own server.
Where as eve is one giant clusterfuck for the whole world. Excluding china.

Ok, let’s take it from the top: give me an example of a representational system where the onus is on the representative, not the constitutent.

Well, then you should probably check…

It’s in the CSM section of the forums. Where the hell else is the CSM supposed to be conducting business? What’s next? ‘I shouldn’t have to actually call to have my pizza delivered, they should just know’?


+1 for the pizza place to “just know”


Until one day they pitch up at your house with a pizza and are like, I know you didn’t order but we just knew.


‘Trust us, dude, the pineapple and banana pepper pie is exactly what you wanted, you just didn’t know. But we know.’


Like I said earlier, it would help a lot if a notification thread inviting the playerbase to participate was posted in the sub-forum associated with that topic.

Wow, you really are a pompous arse.

When a restaurant / fast food shop offers a special, they notify potential customers personally with mailing coupons and or Email notifications. They definitely don’t just sit in their shop and wait for people to show up. It’s all about exposure and advertisement. Without that, the only people who will know it’s available are homeless poor sod’s hanging out there looking for a handout.

That same principal applies here as well.

When the CSM post a thread in their sub-forum asking for input from the community about a specific topic, they can advertise it by posting a notification thread in the sub-forum associated with that thread topic.

Yes. I really am. Is that supposed to be a revelation? :slight_smile:

Right. And when a restaurant or fast food shop has their regular menu items on their menu, it’s called their menu. You have to actually look at their menu.

The CSM listening to player ideas through the CSM forum isn’t a ‘special’. It’s the normal process.

Now we’ve gone from ‘asking what the players’ issues are’ to ‘a specific topic’. How are they supposed to know to ask about a specific topic if they haven’t heard from players about what their issues are? Imagine every topic possible and post a separate thread in the . . .

Which portion of the forum should this go in? Because ‘the sub-forum associated with that thread topic’ would seem to be the CSM sub-forum. Cuz the topic is the CSM asking for information.

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Jokes aside i’m using taxi twice every workday in morning and in evening. Every day it is the same time, the same starting and destination points.
Exceptions occur for sure but they are, well, exceptions.

Couple years and i still need to make a call twice a day.
Really hoping that once i will just get a call from taxi saying that the car is already waiting for me or asking if i want to have it “as usual”…


Heh, obviously you can’t help yourself, constantly twisting things around and then portray them out of context just so you can write your trollish wall of text replies.

When a CSM member posts a thread asking for input from the playerbase about a specific topic, that’s a ‘special’.

I don’t know where you got that from, you’re either actually quite dense or just a sad little troll who likes to post worthless dribble.

Maybe you should try taking time to actually read what is written instead of quickly doing selective quoting just so you can post more troll remarks.

I highly doubt it but maybe this will help you understand what I’m talking about - CSM member creates a thread in the CSM sub-forum requesting player input about PvE content.

In order to get a proper response to the thread, CSM member then posts a notification thread in the PvE sub-forum informing PvE players about his CSM sub-forum thread.

He’s definitely not going to post a notification thread in the ‘Marketplace’ sub-forum, or any other sub-forum for that matter.

Maybe that’s just too difficult for you to understand.

Except that all of these issues cross PvE and PvP lines. Which one does the VNI nerf fall under? Which one do Rorq stats fall under? Are supercapitals a PvP or PvE problem? Does tweaking supercap performance vs rats suddenly not impact it in PvP?

Where did I get my statement from?

That right there is you wanting them to ask what the player’s issues are, not soliciting specific feedback on a specific topic. And it’s what I replied to when you ‘disagreed with everything’ I said. In fact, let’s back it up even further, through the post from Buoytender that you responded to, to where you originally got pissy at Brisc:

Go on now. Tell me that’s about asking for feedback on a specific topic, instead of asking what the players’ issues are. We can do the whole step-by-step of you shifting your goalposts, if you want, but it’s not really going to help your claim that I’m the one twisting things around, here.

And no, the CSM posting threads asking for feedback isn’t ‘special’, it’s just part of the normal process. Each of them has different ways of gathering information from the playerbase. None of those ways is particularly special or groundbreaking. None of them should be taken as ‘OMG A THING HAS HAPPENED THAT HAS NOT OCCURRED FOR AN AGE!!’

A CSM posting a ‘what do you guys think?’ may not happen as often as some of us might like, but it ain’t the freakin’ Ents going to war. And more of them would likely directly engage if not for the abuse they get on these forums.

Stop for a minute and ask yourself why Jin’taan isn’t asking these questions this year. The guy’s tired of face-tanking a whole bunch of nerds who are looking for excuses to take a crap all over the hard work he and the other CSMs have put in, for years.

Instead of being an ass like this other dude, I will instead ask what is it that you feel needs to be brought to attention that would have been uncovered by more suggestion thread’s (There were quite a few I remember reading them all).

Also look at CSM read time’s (almost 5 - 10 X more than CCP account’s) they go through our threads summarize in their own notes and bring it forward, if CSM where not here a lot of our threads on the forums would just be lost to the wind making the community feel unheard.

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The problem is that’s not where they go. CSM suggestions are supposed to go in our forums. I don’t want to create a bunch of work for the mods. But hey, I posted requests for comment on these forums and in the unofficial Facebook group. I’m in like 30 discords, get random EVE mails from folks all the time, and I’m reddit like hourly. If there’s something you want to share with me, please don’t hesitate. I’m not at all hard to find.

Consider that an invitation. :slight_smile:


@DeMichael_Crimson you could also use the “latest” button to show the latest posts that were made. That’s how I find where the major conversations are. Or scrolling through the forum. Itself.

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Talk about moving goalposts, every time you post your troll reply you continue to move them further out of the arena.

Good gawd, are you really that fracking dense?

You wanna talk PvP you do it in the PvP Gameplay Center forum. You wanna talk PvE you do it in the PvE Gameplay Center forum. You wanna talk about current changes to ship stats you do it in the EVE Information Portal forum or in the EVE Technology and Research Center forum. The forum list goes on. Each of those forums has a sub-forum dedicated to topics specific to that content.

I made a generalized statement and lumped a few different suggestions together yet you gotta nit-pick it to death and focus on one specific aspect of it? Good gawd, just exactly how dense are you. What is so hard about understanding what I said?

What a bunch of BS, do you even read what you write? You know damn well what I’m talking about, yet you continue to mix everything up in some desperate attempt to prove me wrong.

Next time you back up the goalposts, make sure you get the facts straight. I didn’t get pissy with Brisc. In fact my original statement was directed to Steve Ronuken which lumped together different topic suggestions, it definitely wasn’t just player issues. Also get it through your thick head, my statement first started as a generalized suggestion, then started getting more specific due to your constant nagging and nit-picking with listing the various thread topics Brisc posted in the CSM sub-forum.

Gawd, I’m seriously tired of your grandstanding BS. You fracking started it with the Pizza crap and I continued that analogy with potential customers being personally notified with mail about Fast Food ‘specials’.

And for the record if a CSM member posts a thread asking the playerbase for input about specific topic, then that is indeed ‘SPECIAL’ because they don’t actually have to do that.

Gawd, you’re just a bitter old piece of … Most of the time all you ever do on these forums is write massive walls of text trolling people into a forum flame war over nothing. I can’t believe I got sucked into feeding your damn troll arse. Won’t happen again.

lol, your first statement is 100% right, I couldn’t agree more.

As for your question, I haven’t seen a large outcry from the community asking for the removal of attributes yet that seems to be a pressing issue with the CSM. Removing attributes and changing everything associated with them seems to me would be a large workload for CCP to undertake which would take Dev time away from addressing other more important balance issues.