2019/03/28 @ 14:00 UTC - Forum AMA With CCP Hellmar, CEO of CCP

We’re happy to announce that at 14:00 UTC on Thursday, March 28th, we’ll have an AMA with CCP Hellmar, CEO of CCP, right here on the official EVE Online forums.

The AMA will occur in a thread that will be set up closer to the time tomorrow, but we’ll also be collecting questions in advance too.

If you’d like to discuss the AMA or pose a question in advance for our CEO, then feel free to do so in this thread.

Only one rule - remember to keep it civil and within the forum rules, and we’ll be all good!

A short while after the AMA is over, CCP Hellmar will be appearing on Talking in Stations at 16:00 UTC to talk through some of the questions and answers.

You’ll be able to tune in here, on the Talking In Stations Twitch channel.


Does CCP have any data to show whether Alpha clones contribute anything to the game or the company? More bottom-line type contribution rather than “well yes we feel all Alphas contribute something” niceties.

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What are CCP’s short/long term plans to increase the player base without eroding the current player base and style that is “EvE”?

There has been a lot of concern over the acquisition and things like loot boxes, SKINs and other monetizations.

Are there any plans to turn back on the stereoscopic feature offered by some video cards and/or any plans to “VR” the current visuals? Would be epic to oculus a small fight on a keepstar!

Also, Project NOVA: Alpha/Beta anytime soon?

EDIT: Some excellent questions so far.


Could we get actual information on DAU? As in actual humans, not accounts (either IP based, email based, bank account based or however you track it). It would give us a much clearer idea of just how many real people play this game. The >20k concurrent logged in accounts do not give a proper indication and is highly untransparent. This would be your opportunity to downplay the amount of bots in this game.

In which concrete/precise ways does the purchase by PA help development of Eve? (either in terms of tech, support, marketing, additional budget, distribution, cat ears…)

Are there any plans of having a PROPER companion app for eve? Not certain what Eve Portal 2.0 will bring, but I am thinking more along the lines of the ability to modify your skillqueue while away from PC, queue/create industry jobs, fit/change ships, install new jump clones, trade etc…

What mindblowing tech innovations for Eve can we expect in 2019? I am not talking about 64bit stuff here, but truly futuristic things (was not wowed by the Aether tech at this stage, since I cannot see how that can possibly reduce TiDi cancer nor fps/lag issues).

What beer was I supposed to hold when you asked us to do so?


Pineapple on pizza, yay or nay?


How does CCP plan to have launcher stability?

(I lost a ship because of that)

How are you planing improve situation on ingame crashes?

How are you planning to imrove situation with gate/mining/station ganking?

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Corporal, do shoot that man.

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Alpha accounts

1: are they sticking around?
2: have they increased or caused a decline in new player accounts?
3: what damage have they done to the economy of EVE if any?
4: is it a good or bad idea to allow full forums access to alpha accounts ( should they have read only access) ?
5: how’s your health?

:slight_smile: thanks in advance


What are the plans for Faction Warfare? This should be a Foundational way of EVE gameplay to give people a reason to log in. Incremental fixes (Not waiting until all fixes are in place) would probably go a long way towards stabilizing the warzones now.


Id like to hear your opinion about gambling mechanics in games available to minors.


What’s the current vision in development for eve as a product now that the acquisition is settling in, and as a universe?

Clarification / background: in most of the player discussions on the evolution of eve there is a relative concern on how eve’s design concepts appear (!) to move away from emergent behaviour as foundation, towards a more guided behaviour focus.

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What about the state of gambling? You banned games of chances, but introduced mutaplasmids and abyssal pvp, which is a form of gambling.

I was always wondering why lotterys got banned, bit you added lootboxes that had to be bought from NPC to get items? Or as mentioned the mutaplasmids that can increase the value of items dramatically.


Three questions

1 ) Rename certificates . You had in the chinese server, any chance to get here ? Off course you get a paid service and an history.
2 ) In the past was the service of copy portraits between characters of the same bloodline, any plan to do so again ? 10 USD service purposed, was 5 USD. Manual respect dont look the same
3 )f i have two full accounts, can i pay with 1000 plex to switch two characters between accounts ? information actually dont clear. (i dont want pay a third transfer or use a third account)


Could the EVE castor mile stone client (2003?) be brought out of mothballs for occasions for historical showcases?

This isnt backward thinking, its mmo gaming history something that could be lost say 20 years from now if the wrong things happen? Im legitimately sad EVE classic has gone and will never see online again :frowning:

Thank you

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  1. What is the vision for the game ? Is there some sort of a tentative long term roadmap that CCP could share with the player base ?

  2. How does CCP feel about current state of multiboxing ? Too much ? Too little ? A lot of players feel this is a pretty big issue, starting with “soft” requirements to multibox such as FAX alts, Rorqual alts, multiple ratting alts etc. to the point where it turns them off from the game and causes them to either log in a lot less or stop logging in entirely. But where does CCP stand on this ?

  3. Does CCP realize that by default, the better they support multiboxing and AFK activities, the better they support bots due to bots using those particular mechanics to a much greater extent ? Is CCP happy with the number and extent of AFK and multi boxed activities in the game ?

  4. Aside from the incoming changes mentioned in the Spring Balance blog as well as discussed in a lot of places, which I think are grossly inadequate, what other changes are in motion ? Specifically, what changes are in motion to close the huge gap between sub-caps and caps ? The stuff listed in that blog will help just a bit, but no where near what is needed, so what else is in the works ?

  5. What changes are in the works to provide small scale groups to have better mobility and access to and through the areas of the game controlled by large blocks ? For example, are there any more ships with nullification in the works or is there a nullification module or something alike in the works ?

  6. What are CCPs plans to deal with things such as SP farms ?

  7. What specific PvE changes are coming to Anoms ? Not just spawn timers, but what actual changes are in the works for ISK generating anoms in terms of actual NPC AI etc. ? Can we expect some sort of NPC rework or boost that will make these actually have some minimal risk to them ?

  8. Can we expect some sort of mining updates so that it isn’t so incredibly boring that a lot of people end up botting it not because they want to bot but because they can’t actually stand it, what is in the works for this ? Vast majority of MMOs have some sort of currency / resource grind, and Eve is no exception, but Eve takes the definite gold medal for mining being the most mind numbing and boring among them. So what is being done to alleviate this ?

  9. On events. Bugs and technical issues aside. You went in very wrong direction with the last 2, Permafrost and Guardian Gala really turning people off from playing them. Can you get back to regular events that are actually fun to do ? Do you understand what was done wrong in them and why so many players stopped doing them ?

  10. Small and mid size corps / alliances outside of High Sec seem to be less and less viable, what are CCPs plans for this ? Should all these people just give up and quit or join the big alliances or go back to HS ? What is CCPs plan / vision for them ?

  11. Faction Warfare. FW is a really good good game component for both PvP and PvE alike that can be done by low skillpoint / new players, but it has a ton of problems that need to be worked on, starting from being affected by cap proliferation, going to plex mechanics and botting, to sliding, a lot of stuff. It has some true potential which right now is being basically wasted. What is being done for this section of the game ?


Do you consider introducing skill injectors beneficial to longevity and overall health of the game?

Why are they instant free sp, instead of overtime boost for current skill in training?

Will they stay as they are now, or are there any plans to change them?

How game development process had to change to accomodate for instant player adaptation?

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Will there ever be faction / officer damage mods for triglav ships, and will there ever be faction / officer application mods for missiles like those available for turrets?

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What are your plans for products/content/feature related to avatar if theres any planned ?


Do you even play?


Is there any plans to intervene in the price of PLEX?

Is there any plans to alter the cost of the subscription fee? Your game needs bodies and you’re pricing people out of playing it.