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Hello everyone ! I know there is a lot of things is going on at EVE for now, and someone blame CCP for something.
But I personally want to say THANKS to CCP, because no matter what, but they continue to develop the game, and improve quality of it. And big thanks for ALPHA clone states, its very nice feature because im a student and don’t have much time to farm for PLEX or something, but this feature gives me a opportunity to play my lovely Internet spaceship game, communicate with friends, at least learn English by communicating with English speaking people. Would be great if we will have some more opportunities as an ALPHA CLONE players, maybe somewhere in future. So. Thanks CCP Games (specially thanks for this chance to play for free as an alpha), and thanks to Community cuz of the amount of content that you guys create.
With best regards from me :slight_smile:
P.S. thread can be closed, I hope someone from CCP will read my support words.

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In b4 literal poo-storm.

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yep, i read about it )

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By the way, this new sound, Like SONAR in submarine when you push D-Scan is just awesome )

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So, please keep opportunity of Playing for Free as an Alpha clone in future, thanks for attention.

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The Positive Predator Thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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A ‘friendly thread’? Alright, what scam are you setting us up for?

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